Ben Flajnik had one final rose on The Bachelor 2012, but opted not to save any of the three remaining women he had kept waiting. One of those women was Shawntel Newton.

The show should have had Shawntel in the running from the very beginning of this season, rather than having a big dose of drama in having her arrive late.

Although many of the women were complaining that Shawntel didn’t even know Ben, that wasn’t true. Shawntel Newton may have come in in a fiery red dress and a bad attitude, but she honestly did like Ben and knew he had a similar feeling for her.

Some women were so upset when they thought Shawntel might get a rose, that plenty were talking about possibly leaving if she stayed. Ben knew they felt that way, and he decided to back down and send Shawntel packing without even a chance.

Ashley Spivey, who appeared with Shawntel on Brad Womack’s season of The Bachelor, stuck up for her friend via Twitter.

She tweeted:

I know for a fact that Ben and Shawntel texted/phoned before this season. That’s how she KNOWS him Elise. #shutup #bachelor

Ben Flajnik took to a People Magazine blog to defend his decision:

“Shawntel and I had chatted a few times in between seasons and I thought she was an interesting, beautiful woman and she was right to assume that there was a connection. There was, but the timing was wrong. So, you can imagine how surprised I was when she showed up to the cocktail party unannounced. I knew if I kept Shawntel around I would lose all the credibility I had built with these women and it wouldn’t be easy to dig myself out of that hole.

“Let’s put it this way – if Shawntel had started the journey with the rest of the women it might have been different. But I was already so happy with the group of women I had. I wasn’t about to jeopardize the rest of my experience in trying to find love.”

Do you think Ben should have kept Shawntel or was he smart to send her away?