Ben Flajnik is good with kids. He proved that much on The Bachelor 2012 week 2 as he starred in a play the kids (allegedly) wrote, called Prince Pinot of Bachelor Land. (Doubtful the kids know what pinot is. At least, we hope they don’t…)

Costumes that Ben Flajnik wore in the play included a prince costume, a sheep costume, a naked sheep costume, and a knight costume. He had no problem being goofy on the stage, which was sweet.

Jenna the blogger was a wizard, Jennifer was a weasel, Blakeley was a gingerbread man, and Nicki was a donkey. It was a fairytale, and there were elaborate costumes and sets.

During the initial auditions for parts, Nicki and Jennifer stood out while other girls like Blakeley didn’t impress the kids. For their auditions, the women were asked to make pig noises, act like weasels, do sexy dances, and jog in slow motion.

Other roles in the play included a hippie, a pig, a dragon and a princess.

Who do you think did best in the play?

Photos: ABC