It’s so damn hard to root Courtney Robertson on, even when viewers know that she’s definitely-for-sure the one that Ben Flajnik proposes to. You get the sense that if she watched the hometown visits last night that she would have been mocking and laughing at the other girls for being so in love, rather than having any empathy for them.

Ben said that it would “bother” him if he was with someone who “rubbed people the wrong way.” He didn’t know it, but he was talking about his future fiancee. Irony alert. (Psst, Ben. Everyone hates her. As in, genuinely hates her guts for being a manipulative and snobby jerk of a person.)

What Ben said about Courtney in the hometown episode of The Bachelor 2012 was that she was “sexy, funny, confident…” and that, “she challenges me.” Then he added that Courtney always, “keeps (him) thinking.” Sure, when you’re crazy that’ll happen.

Other words used by Ben to describe Courtney included “strong” “real” and “honest.”

The look on his face showed that he is truly head over heels in love with her. And that makes him a dope.

It’s so hard to watch The Bachelor and think that every other girl on the show was more deserving of Ben than Courtney, knowing she’s the one who walks away the victor. It’s sickening.

When Kacie B. was eliminated, Courtney was the only girl not to offer her a hug. Did Ben not pick-up on tiny clues like this, or did the idea of marrying a model blind him?