The first group date in Panama on The Bachelor 2012 involved Courtney Robertson getting practically naked in front of everyone.

Ben Flajnik picked them up in a boat and gave them some facts about the rain forest they were in. Jamie noted how much she liked that he was a “man’s man” when it came to doing things like boating.

While they were in the boat, it rained. “I’m so wet,” Courtney said as she groped herself. Class act, that one.

As they came around the river, they saw little kids in loin clothes playing soccer. They were in the Embera village, and they tried to make it look spontaneous but it was obviously planned. The women were swarmed by villagers and given warm welcomes. Once in the huts, the women were instructed to take off their tops to then be fitted with woven bikini tops.

Courtney didn’t wear her bra under the top, so the show had to blur it out. Especially as she shook herself.

Ben appeared with a loin cloth, and he was upset that the ladies didn’t disrobe as much as they could have. So Courtney won points. As she played soccer, her skirt was falling off (and she was not wearing anything under it.)

They gave each other tattoo’s with body paint. Courtney wrote B+C on the back of Ben. Emily found it to be annoying and very grade-school. But Courtney truly was the only one taking actual interest in Ben, she touches him, dances with him, she takes the lead.

The women got cleaned up (so did Ben) and had a mini cocktail party. Lindzi shared a moment with Ben. He told her that she didn’t seem dramatic. “I don’t believe in fighting,” she said. She then said when things are important she will cry, and that she’d cried during her experience with Ben so far. Saying it was like, “Oh my god, my boyfriend has a couple other girlfriends…that was hard.”

When Ben stole Courtney Robertson away, the girls immediately went into catty mode. He told her that he appreciated the fact that she notices him, and that she’s assertive and confident. He also noted that it probably gets her in hot water with the other women. She said it does, and then said it was getting harder for her. She let him know her bedroom number, and told him that they could lay and be quiet together.

Next up was time for Ben and Jamie. In the background, Courtney took off her dress and got into the pool, stealing away Ben’s attention and making him laugh. It was hard for him to pay attention. Jamie yammered on, then finally said she wanted to kiss him. But she said she couldn’t. Ben called her “respectful” and it seemed like the kiss of death.

When Emily got some time alone with Ben, she started talking about how there was another man in her life. “That man is the Chief.” He was surprised by how funny she was. They didn’t bring up Courtney.

In fact, she came back and told Courtney she was wrong and didn’t know her. Courtney refused to accept Emily’s apology. “I can’t give you what you want to hear,” she added with a smile, seemingly thriving on the drama.

The rose went to Lindzi. Courtney was upset. Because of that, she felt she deserved a reward. She mentioned how nice it would be to see him show up in her room that night. We saw her putting on makeup, and waiting for him. But he didn’t show up. And the show tried to illustrate Courtney’s softer side and how she’s been disappointed by men who don’t treat her well over the long run, and how Ben was now starting to do that, essentially. By not showing up. Which would have been seriously breaking the rules. But it’s all about her. Lord.