How did the group date in Belize end up being about a girl not even on the date? Hint: It was about how much the girls didn’t like Courtney Robertson.

Rachel, Nicki and Kacie had a “group” date with bachelor Ben Flajnik in Belize. Their day involved shark diving. Rachel was petrified of the sharks, especially when Ben couldn’t promise the sharks wouldn’t eat her. (Gee, way to make her feel comforted!)

First Ben had to sneak in at 4 a.m. and wake the ladies up. This was a truly cute moment where the women actually looked like their real selves in a natural environment. We also got to see Nicki shave her legs in the shower in a mad dash, while Rachel shaved in the sink. Ben was like an intruder in a sorority house. Plus, he had cute, floppy hair. Damn, Ben is perfect – eeer – no, no, no, I am not falling prey to Ben. I AM NOT. …Maybe just a tiny bit.

The sun rose as the sail boat took off, and everyone toasted. It was a pretty enviable moment. Like, why doesn’t that ever happen in my life? Forget it, I’ll just stare into a very bright monitor and turn my fan on so I can pretend I’m in a tropical paradise!

Once again, Ben thought relationships being about trust made going into shark alley the best test. Too bad Rachel is afraid there’s even possibly sharks in lakes. And Ben then told the women some tips for fighting off sharks, like punching their noses.

The sharks were bated with bloody chum, and came around.

“Does he have teeth?” – Rachel
“He IS a shark.” – Ben

Though Nicki and Kacie both love Ben, they showed they could also get along together. Rachel held back, because she was petrified of the sharks. And Kacie was a bit concerned of the was Rachel was monopolizing Ben. And Rachel was feeling that comfort as he held her hand. “It was almost like they weren’t there,” Rachel said. And Kacie found herself being jealous of Rachel.

At the end of the group date Ben gave the rose to…Kacie B, for “really wearing your heart on your sleeve.”

Then, a moment came when the women decided to bring up Courtney. “We care so much about you, Ben…” Nicki said. “We want you to be cautious about Courtney.” Kacie added, “Tread lightly.” Rachel said nothing. Ben wondered if he was being deceived. “You don’t think she’s in this…” for the right reasons? Yikes.

Ben ended up pulling Courtney aside during the rose ceremony. But she denied the accusations, and he believed her. If nothing else, at least Emily O’Brien left knowing that the rest of the girls were all uncertain about Courtney’s intentions for Ben Flajnik.

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