Ready for some cliche throwing? Tonight was The Bachelor 2011 episode where the women told all. Right now, Chantal O. and Emily are the two women left that could possibly become engaged to Brad Womack. As such, they were not on the show. Turns out the show was crowded enough without them, anyway.

michelle the bachelor

It was exciting to see some of the women we got to know well during The Bachelor 2011, like Jackie (more outspoken than ever), Ashley H (a brunette now! also very diplomatic),  Ashley S., Britt, Michelle the vulnerable, Madison the tough cookie and Shawntel. Of course, there were plenty of women it felt pointless to have on the show, becuase half of those controversies were so long ago and no one cared when they happened. Melissa and Rachel are complete enemies? Great. Uh, but who are Melissa and Rachel, again?

One of the biggest topics of the show was Michelle Money. In defense of Michelle, one of the women (so inconsequential for this show I cannot remember her name) explained that Michelle is extremely sarcastic. Michelle also said she uses dry humor.

Ashley H. also defended Michelle. She said, “The good in this situation does outweigh the bad.” Madison also said that Michelle was honest about not wanting to  make friends, and she respected that.

But Stacey spoke up and said that wasn’t the case at all. There were a lot of quotes about “true colors” coming out, blah blah. The women were all shocked. True colors not shown. Etc. As Jackie talked (and dropped the f bomb), Michelle began crying and composed herself enough to say, “I really did go on the show for the right reasons.”

How can Michelle defend herself? Her daughter. And maybe it’s true.”I missed my daughter really bad…and that’s why I was really aggressive…because if it wasn’t right I wanted to go home.” She went on to say she probably felt guilty for leaving her daughter. She invoked these phrases: “Look at me, I can’t even breathe.” & “I wanna find love.” & “I am a good mother.”

At one point the women were so tough on her, Chris (the host) made them shut up because Michelle was sobbing so hard. And in the background you could hear someone say, “This is stupid.”

Yea. It kinda is.

Ashley H. was the highlight of the night, being bubbly, honest, and amazing. They’d be a fool not to make her the next Bachelorette. She’s adorable and we love her.

Brad Womak Quotes

“I have talked about that slap, as of now, probably a million times. … In hindsight it was such a perfect beginning…” – Brad Womack

“That’s the best first date I’ve ever had in my life.” – Brad Womack about Ashley H and the carnival date

“She is an extraordinary woman and will make some vampire very happy one day.” – Brad about Madison aka Fangs the woman with vampire fangs

“She had game, she had a lot of game.” – Brad on Michelle

P.S. The Bachelor Pad season 2 will air this summer.

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