So, you know how in past season’s of The Bachelor they’d tell the women at the very end, “surprise, he’s a millionaire!” or something? Well, this season we don’t have a surprise because Brad Womack having already been on a season and turning both women down was the gimmick. But it’s fun to think that he might have another, deeper secret.

While some lifestyles aren’t exactly bad, they’d certainly be a surprise twist if the show went…

  1. Surprise, he’s a vampire!
  2. Surprise he’s a former serial killer out on a technicality!
  3. Surprise he’s a polygamist!
  4. Surprise, he’s a SHE!
  5. Surprise, he’s Paris Hilton’s ex!
  6. Surprise, he was on The Hills!
  7. Surprise, he’s NOT a millionaire!
  8. Surprise, he’s already married!
  9. Surprise, he’s heavily political!
  10. Surprise, he was on the Subway diet!
  11. Surprise, he hoards chipmunks!
    Surprise, he just wants to be on celebrity rehab!
  12. Surprise, he has a crush on his sister!
  13. Surprise, he still doesn’t know what facebook is!
  14. Surprise, he’s a working porn star!
  15. Surprise, his British accent is fake!

Which Reality TV show do you think would use some of these? Would you watch any of these shows?

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