We finally got to kick Michelle off of The Bachelor! This feels like a huge victory.

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Right away in this episode all of the rules were set up for this next set of adventures. The gang is in Anguilla, so it’s time for fun. There will be three one on one and one group date. No roses for the one on one dates. GASP. The five women who are left after this episode will take Brad to their hometown. Hopefully some have crazy families.

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Emily and Brad had a one on one date where they flew in a helicopter to their own private island. Of course, the camera crew was swarming everywhere. They had a deep conversation about fears where Emily said, “That’s like, really scary for me.” But Emily plays hard to get, which keeps Brad interested. Brad even broke the rules and told Emily that she’d for sure be giving her a rose. It’d be hilarious if he ended up not giving her a rose. Brad is boring, and so is Emily. It works.

Here’s a theory: Emily is the smartest girl on the show right now. While other girls throw themselves at him, Emily still isn’t sure if she wants to have him meet her daughter. She has done what most other girls haven’t: retained self-respect. I’d love to say it’s as simple as she’s the only one with a kid to think about, but Michelle Money (the craziest woman, by far) has a kid, as well.

Shawntel got the second one on one date, but Britt hasn’t even had a single one on one date with Brad yet. And really, Britt seems like she’d be in our top two! Brad, you suck.

Chantal N. and Brad biked around, and kept things funky fresh with a farmer’s market. “This is like my perfect date, and he had no idea,” Chantal revealed to the camera. Sure, except the producers did. Prepare to have your heart broken. Which is sucky, because Shawntel is probably the other girl we’d put in our top two.

The two got to have a picnic, drink wine, and watch baby goats. That’s a pretty awesome date, no lie. It was a nice time for Shawntel. to admit she’s falling in love with Brad. (He thanked her – ugh.) The pair listened to live music and danced on the beach, swam, kissed, etc.

Britt got the second one on one date. Finally! And Britt’s got a yacht coming for her! Not based on any personal experience, but I do believe yachts are pretty awesome. And I’m very interested in having personal experiences with yachts. Just putting that out there.

Brad took Britt cliff jumping, and she was terrified. “Seriously, this is really okay?” asked Britt about the situation. She overcame the fear for Brad, turning this show into Fear Factor.  But Brad wasn’t feeling Britt, and was already so far into too many other girls. She was ready for their first date, and Brad was thinking about the more serious dates he had looming with women he has invested in already. If there had been a rose, she wouldn’t have gotten it. And he told her that – in a very awkward scene. “I’d been so hopeful…” Britt told the camera. As she packed, all the girls pretended to care. Maybe some of them did, but definitely not Michelle. It was sad to see this girl leave, even though we hardly knew anything about her.

The group date began before the sun had risen. And they were going to do something that “millions of women dream about doing,” Brad told the camera. The women were led onto the beach TO BE MURDERED. Or to be in a photoshoot for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue (hits the stands just a few days ago, nice cross-promotion there.)

Ashley went topless and held conch shells over her boobs. As a former dancer, she also did some fun jumping poses.

Chantal didn’t feel sexy but still put sand all over her cleavage. She also took her top off, covering herself just a bit.

Michelle had done modeling before, and she was smart enough to ask to pose with Brad. “Are you kidding me? What the hell?” asked Ashley asn both she and Chantal gave the duo dirty looks. Later, the rose went to Ashley. This caused an upset between Michelle and Chantal (especially the later.) The insecurity is coming out in bursts of CRAZY.

To have some drama, Brad decided there was no need for a cocktail party. He was ready to decide who to send home. Because Chantal had been so emotional, it seemed like she would go home. But that’s not how it went down.

Michelle was ousted. Why? Brad thought they were both too stubborn and butted heads too much, and that their sexual feelings would eventually go away and leave them with nothing. e

Who is left on The Bachelor 2011: Ashley H.,  Chantal, Shawntel,Emily

Who went home on The Bachelor 2011: Britt, Michelle

This has been a recap of The Bachelor 2011 episode 7.

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