It’s time for the third episode of The Bachelor with Brad Womack 2.0! So, right away Ashley S. got a single date. They went to a recording studio together to sing “Kiss From a Rose.” (Cue the obvious pun about roses.) “I’m gonna make sure Brad kisses me tonight,” Ashley said. And she succeeded. If you recall, she’s the same girl who got the first impression rose. When they were done recording, the actual Seal was there to sing the song to them. His version sounded much better than theirs. No surprise there.

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the bachelor brad womackThis episode was another time for Michelle to act like a crazy, crazy bitch. See, Michelle was very angry that Ashley S. got the first date. She actually said, “I’m not going to lie. I hate them (these other girls.)” don’t worry, Michelle, they can tell. And I’m pretty sure that America hates you.

Back to our first date! “I take handing out a rose very seriously,” Brad said at some point. Oh. Boy. Try not to laugh at that. But picture how serious he sounded, too. During the date, Ashley S. told Brad about her Dad and how he passed away, and why that song was so special to her. It seems highly likely that she told the producers that, and that’s why Brad picked that song to sing. At any rate, Ashley S. got her rose. And we got to hear the song played yet again. I had flashbacks of the 90’s.

The rest of the girls got a group date. When the group date card arrived, Michelle was praying not to be listed. When she was, she was pissed off to the point of tears. Since Brad is an active guy, he had them training for an action adventure movie. This was introduced by some “bad guys” attacking Brad, and him pretending to go all Batman. Each girl got to film her own action scene. Watching the girls kicking ass turned Brad on, that much was obvious. Michelle said she hoped these ninja fighters would kidnap some of the other girls. Then, when she saw Brad kissing other girls for the scene she put her hair in front of her face, and called their kissing offensive. Good casting job with her.

At the wrap party, every girl wanted some one on one time. Time for more confessions and tears aka “bonding.” While Brad and Alli talked, Michelle watched and then barged in to the room. She wouldn’t leave. It was very Fatal Attraction. Michelle told Brad she wanted the one on one time, and felt like she never got it. Which is false, she’s gotten more than anyone. Michelle began crying, saying she felt selfish for leaving her kid to be on this show. “I wanna know that I’m doing the right thing for her,” Michelle said in her ever-manipulative way. Then they shared their first kiss, which earlier Michelle said would be sensual, slippy, silky, and a bunch of other S words. “He is mine. He’s mine,’ Michelle told the camera.

Then Brad picked up the rose. Who was he taking it to? “There are a few women who deserve the rose…” But there was only one rose to give. He decided to give the rose to Chantal O. Michelle, of course, was pissed off and wanted it, even though she’d already gotten a rose early on last week.

Emily received the second date card, and she was worried about telling Brad that she has a kid. On the date, Emily had lots of walls up that put Brad off of her. The circumstances around the baby are that it was conceived with her love at age 18, and he died in a plane crash before she even knew she was pregnant. She was able to tell this story to all of those catty girls, but she was refusing to tell Brad. And she seemed shady when she deflected every question. Why would she wait, if she’s there to win Brad? It seemed like maybe Emily wasn’t ready to move on. But Emily was finally able to tell him, and it was genuine and sweet, and dammit, we love her a little bit. Brad fell for her too, very hard. He said she could see Emily being the woman he would spend his life with.

With 17 women left, 3 had to go home last night.

Every women’s strategy seemed to be opening up their soul a bit so they could create a connection and Brad would feel for them. In this, Brad is perfecting his therapist stance, and the gentle way of saying, “can you tell me about that?”

Michelle told the camera that it bothers her that she’s talking to other girls, kissing to other girls, and thinking about other girls. In a moment where Brad was talking with Chantal O. Michelle said, “am I interrupting?” Clearly, she was. Just right before she’d begged him to stay, so he’d gone aside to hug her. Then she dropped something crazy on him. “You and I are kind of in a fight. Like, this is our first fight,” she told Brad. Michelle said the fight was because he had kissed Chantal and another girl the night he’d kissed her. “Explain yourself,” Michelle demanded. She’s trying to scare him into thinking he’s committed to her and just her.

Then, another bombshell. Vampire Fangs Madison told Brad that she was thinking she might want to leave. She felt bad that some other girls really liked him and already had established connections that she didn’t feel.  Was this a ploy to get Brad to beg her to stay? Probably a little. She wanted to be convinced. Rather than let her make the decision, he told her to wait and if he offered her a rose, she could refuse it. Then Ashley H. told Brad that if he was uncertain about her, she would want to go home. Brad got up and then returned to kiss Ashley (it was much less romantic than this sounds), and she decided to stay.The ladies were all starting to withhold, trying to make Brad take fast, hard choices. There was a lot of passive aggression going on.

Michelle got the first rose. Brad has Stockholm Syndome, right? Chantal O. was called next, and she’s Michelle’s rival – so that was fun. And then…Madison walked out without saying anything. The dramatic music went crazy. Madison wasn’t gone though. She was just sitting in the other room, in tears. “I would have a really hard time taking a rose from one of these girls…”Madison confessed. She decided she wanted to go  home. Brad said he liked her so much, and said he really wanted to get to know her.

This has been a recap/review of The Bachelor 2011 episode 3.