Chantal O. has reason to want to slap Brad Womack, again.

the bachelor brad womack

Let’s rewind and see how this all went down. Brad met up with his family and started crying tears of joy. Literally. Not scripted at all. And then his family asked him if he’s in love and ready to propose. Brad is. Of course, he isn’t sure to which woman yet. Which seems….cheap? It’s like knowing you want dessert but not sure if you’re ordering the vanilla sundae or the peanut butter pie.

When Chantal arrived, Brad said, “speak of the devil.” That seems like forshadowing. After seeing more of her, she seems like a spoiled snob. She was probably mad when she learned there was someone there who was already named “Prima.” Sorry, prima ballerina.

Brad’s brothers interrogated Chantal. She gave long, scripted answers about how she’s taking the risk and was married before and knows how it goes blah blah blah. She “lightly” punched Brad while she told him how he better pick her, and they should just do it now, etc.

I can’t be the only one wondering why they let Brad’s Mom wear that ugly leopard top, right? It’s hard for leopard print not to be ugly unless it’s on an actual leopard.

But, we moved on. And it was then time for Brad’s family to meet Emily. She was shy, and his family wasn’t vibing with that. Listening to Emily tell the story of her ex seemed tedious, but it gave me chills. Dammit.

After Emily opened up a bit, Brad’s brothers loved Emily as much as Brad. In fact, I thought someone might steal her.

Once they were back for a one on one, Brad and Chantal went on the water. Because Brad wants to possibly marry Chantal, he decided to first try and feed her to sharks. That’s normal. Yea.

Things went worse with Brad and Emily. She was insecure and protective about her daughter – afraid Brad wouldn’t be there for them.

For the big moment, Chantal decided to look like Cruella de Ville (with a penchant for ostrich’s) in a black dress. Emily went bridal, wearing a white Grecian dress. There was no contest about who looked better – it was Emmers.

It finally came time for the moment we wanted. A moment drawn out for about forever. Chantal seemed so in love, but I hoped he would pick Emily.

Brad proposed to Emily. BOOM.

Chantal was absolutely devastated, crying from the minute she heard Brad didn’t want to marry her.  All she could do was say, “I don’t know what to say,” in a tearful voice. Later in a voiceover she said, “It doesn’t make sense. … I really felt like Brad and I had that thing. … My heart just really hurts right now.” Makeup-ruined, heart shattered, I hoped that maybe she’d be the next Bachelorette.

Emily looked like a gorgeous Greek goddess and the voiceover told us how she has fallen in love with Brad, no doubt about it. “I really can’t think of any other day, besides obviously the day that I gave birth to my daughter, that will change my life more.” Her biggest fear? Getting hear heart broken. But that wasn’t going to happen. “Oh Emily, where do I begin?” asked Brad. He was visibly nervous, and kept apologizing. Emily looked nervous. “You’re my once in a lifetime,” he finally said. “I’m asking for you to please give me your forever.”

Her ring? Neil Lane.

The montage? Made me wonder why they only ever kissed while standing in water.

The song at the end “Marry Me (Say you Will)” by Train.

P.S. The Bachelor Pad season 2 will air this summer.

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