Let’s launch into talking about the second episode of The Bachelor (2011) this season. Ashley H. (dentist) got the first date, much to the dismay of every other single woman there. But that’s how it always goes, right? It would be weird if there was some other reaction.

the bachelor brad womack

“I promised that this time around I’d have fun and put myself out there,” Brad said. “I wanna see if we can laugh, if we can be ourselves.” Brad took her out to a dirt road, and Ashley thought she was in a horror movie. With the clue “wild ride” I thought maybe they’d ride horses, but instead it was an entire carnival set up just for them. That was pretty amazing. Ashley called the date “romantic and flirty.” They shared a kiss under the moonlight. Then it was time for Ashley to pour her heart out about her Dad leaving her family and being homeless, and how she now always prepares for the worst.

In a moment of insight, Ashley said, “My fear is that you’ll feel obligated to pick somebody.” Hopefully he doesn’t. While he claims he isn’t interested in “redemption” it seems like he might be a tiny bit interested in proving something. Wouldn’t you feel that way if half of America ha begun hating you?

“I’m not a guy who just spews out emotions,” said Brad. When talking about his Dad he said, “I mean, the guy was just not around.” After talking, Ashley got a rose.

The first group date planned had 15 girls, and this upset the ladies. They went to The Red Cross, and instead of donating blood (which would have been sweet) they all dressed up in funny costumes to perform skits (aka PSA’s) with Brad. The costumes ranged from pregnant lady to dominatrix.I actually think the idea behind the first PSA was smart – doing dramatic Spanish soap opera’s to prove that the one thing giving blood is not, is dramatic. That’s a smart message! I’m still afraid, though.

Melissa wasn’t in the first scene, but barged in anyway to kiss him. That’s not crazy.

Michelle whined about not feeling special. It was her ‘s 30th birthday, so she wanted to be alone with Brad. She made a big deal of saying how it’s not her 29th, not her 31st, her 20th. Girl, you know you’d be whining and pulling the birthday card no matter what age you were turning!

Britt gave a long kiss to brad, and Michelle walked off set. Because it was her birthday, she wasn’t having anything of this. Brad went off to find her, who was sitting alone in a corner. I think it’s time to label Michelle a dramatic diva. “Every girl he kisses after me is going to be one huge disappointment,” she told the camera. Apparently doesn’t care if America knows she has a huge ego!

Michelle played her cards right, and did end up getting the rose.Way to play into her tricks, Womack.

Meanwhile, Jackie (artist) got a date card. Her date was the Pretty Woman experience where she got a spa experience and then got to pick out a dress and jewelry. Then they went to The Hollywood Bowl and ate dinner, then the band Train performed for them. I thought Train was doing well, why did they have to do this show? Anyway, Jackie and Brad shared a kiss. Jackie seems well-liked by even the other girls in the house.

Emily also received a rose that night. But will she ever tell Brad about her “mysterious past” and her kid?

There was a lot of drama between Rachiel and Melissa. Rachiel said Melissa was wrong because she didn’t tell Brad that if she didn’t get alone time with him that night she was thinking of leaving. Anyway. Drama, drama. Both were eliminated because Brad got guidance from Allie and Roberto. Good advice.

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