Let’s look back at the journey that brought Emily Maynard and Brad Womack from strangers to “I Do.”

Ah, the first meeting.

While a PSA for the American Red Cross they managed to score one of the first kissing pair-ups.

During the second episode, the pair steal a moment on top of the Roosevelt hotel in L.A.

the bachelor brad and emily

Narrowed down as one of 14 women in episode 4 of The Bachelor, Brad and Emily had a surprise, quick, picnic in front of the mansion as the cocktail party was going on. When he did this with her and no one else, the other women got very jealous.

Emily has a hard time on the NSCAR date, so Brad helps her get through it in Las Vegas.

A helicopter ride over the Caribbean sea leads to a picnic on a private island.

The pair ride an elephant (Emily’s dream) in Africa.

Emily decides to let Brad meet her daughter on the hometown date.

In the end, Brad Womack proposed to Emily Maynard.


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