Here is my review of The Americans season 1, episode 2 – “The Clock.”


The Americans Review

Our Power Couple

I’m glad they showed us the first time that Phillip and Elizabeth met. I believe that he’s come to be in love with her for sure, but it doesn’t work the other way around. Which isn’t to say she isn’t fond of him. I just think he’s way more invested. She’s more by-the-book. They’re in that murky gray area where she cares for him but doesn’t love him. He cares and wants more of her.

Oh, the music. I love the 80’s music! “In the Air Tonight” by Phil Collins was actually written from the pov of a stalker. And this works here because it’s a highly creepy scene that they have there, which is also about them bonding and being in everything together. Speaking of, they have marital bonding by pouring acid o bodies. I get the feeling that Dexter would like this couple.

While they were making love I pulled back to that thing the other guy said about how there are perks to a job. This is another job perk for spies faking a marriage. They get sex.



Good Fences Make Good Neighbors

The FBI neighbor is so coincidental. Of course, there’s not a show without something like that. The enemy must be close and appear almost dimwitted at first! Don’t worry, he’ll become a source of great stress eventually.

Location, location, location…

I was trying to figure out where they are, and they are definitely in Maryland – in the DC area. The KGB safehouse is in Arlington, VA.

My weekly praise for Keri Russell

Elizabeth is very good at compartmentalizing. Something Sydney Bristow (Jennifer Garner) always struggled with. Meanwhile, and not relevant to anything, is the fact that Elizabeth looks like Lana Del Ray. It also must be said that Keri Russell, barefoot in silk pjs,  is kickass.

Memorable Quotes

Keri: Remember me, Captain?

Other wife: And the mailman, I just have kind of an instinct, is a pimp.

General: Your comrade who died was a hero. We’re going to need more of those, now.

Elizabeth: There’s a weakness in the people. I can feel it.
(What does she mean by weakness? That life is too easy, or people too friendly, or unaware of hardship?)

Keri: I need to look out your living room window for a few minutes.

Keri: The mission comes first.

Guy: Why is everyone so punctual in this business.

Keri: He can buy himself a diamond plated coffin.

Since I’ve already seen the next two episodes, I am very confident in saying the show will continue to be great. If you plan on watching, please subscribe to read my future reviews of The Americans on FX!

The Americans airs Wednesdays at 10 pm EST on FX. Series created by Joseph Weisberg and stars Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys