Carrie Preston isn’t just a badass (totally human) woman on True Blood, or a wacky (totally brilliant) woman on The Good Wife. She’s also a director with a keen sense of what women want in their films! Are you ready for a wo-mance?

We caught up with Preston to talk about her TV shows, but we couldn’t help but ask about her third outing as a director with “What’s What She Said”. We wanted to know why she loves these characters, and what she hopes the story will bring to you as the audience.

Preston was excited to share why she’s so in love with this project.

“‘That’s What She Said’ is a comedy starring Anne Heche, Marcia DeBonis and Alia Shawkat. My dear friend Kellie Overbey wrote the script several years ago, and I feel in love with these flawed, hilarious and touching women. It took us almost 8 years to finally put it on the screen. I like to call it a wo-mance. It’s the female answer to all of the ubiquitous bro-mance films that have dominated the comedic landscape for a long time now.”

And the idea is that you will be able to relate to these characters. “With ‘That’s What She Said’, I wanted the audience to get lost in these women, with these women, up close and personal, flaws and all, and then see themselves in them too. Personally, things that make me laugh are things that are deeply true. So that’s how I wanted the film to be. We will be released in theaters and on all digital platforms on September 28th.” Make sure to check it out.

Be sure to catch Carrie Preston every Sunday night on HBO at 9pm on True Blood. And in the fall, I’ll be sure to let you know when you can find her on CBS on The Good Wife, also at 9pm on Sundays. Unless you are on east coast and there is football… and then it will be on …uh, sometime Sunday night.

Interview by Melissa Miller. Compiled by Jessica Rae.

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