lost finale season

I’ve collected ten Lost parodies that you must watch before the finale. Yup, they’re mandatory! And I’m putting my favorite one first – it’s the “Writer’s of Lost” one. Given the most recent interview about the show, I fully believe this is how it was written! 😉

“What if there’s like, a magic turtle?”
“Did the turtle create the smoke monster?”
“No, he doesn’t even KNOW about the smoke monster.”

“What if…Kate and Locke?”
“That’s gold.”

“Says the guy who came up with the prison island that nobody NOTICED.”

lost collage

Writers of Lost (parody)

Lost Parody “Answers?!”

Lost Parody from Mad TV with Dominic Monaghan

LOST + Conan O’Brien: Emmy Parody

Jimmy Kimmel Lost: The Musical

HOW TO NOT DIE ON LOST (SONG) – Pretty funny as it gets near the end.

Lost: The Sitcom “Cheers”

Waaaaaaaaalt!!!! (Lost)

Claire “Stay away from my BABY!!! ”

LOST: I’m On A Boat

“Lost” Moments: Golf Tips with Sayid Jarrah

And something sentimental! Lost Fanvid “How Far We’ve Come”

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