This rad (can I type rad? I totally can!) map of the United States has a TV show that represents each of the 50 states. Yup, even Alaska and Hawaii are represented.

television in the united states

I’m not just impressed with the vision and execution (purdy!) but the range of TV shows included. You’ve got popular favorites like The Office (PA), That 70’s Show (WI), Gilmore Girls (CT), and Seinfeld (NY – I would have gone with Friends) but there’s also older classics and fringe favorites: Murder She Wrote (ME), Freaks and Geeks (MI), Big Love (UT), and Coach (MN.) My personal favorite? That would have to be Parks and Recreation representing Indiana.

What about shows you couldn’t include on the map? There’s fictional towns like Sunnydale for Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and then shows in space like Firefly and Caprica. (Map via Little Critictoo / Note: Click on the picture to enlarge it.)