“Banshee” is the keyword from “Time of Death.”  As in, “BANSHEEEEE!!!!”

Re-live the episode, or just plain get the hell caught up, with the six word story recaps.

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Teen Wolf Season 4. MTV.

Teen Wolf Season 4, Episode 8 “Time of Death” – MTV

General Recap

Benefactor evades dangerous plot, still revealed.


Grandma has secrets, Lydia’s got answers.

Mama McCall

Best Scream Queen ever, duped everyone.

Malia and Peter

A coyote Mother could bring closure.


This boy really misses that girl.


He dreamed of  weaponized tomahawks. Oops.

Kate Argent

Crashed the party with unwelcome Beserkers.

Bradeon and Derek

They totally hooked up. Super sexy.

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