It’s almost summer time and for MTV viewers that means it’s almost time to head back to Beacon Hills and check in on some werewolves. That’s right, kids. Teen Wolf Season 3 starts in just a few weeks! But perhaps you’ve forgotten what those crazy kids are up to? The best way to catch up is….

teen wolf season 2 cast

Teen Wolf cast in the woods. Looking pretty. And a bit confused?

The Teen Wolf Season 2 DVD! Check out my review after the jump.

For those who don’t follow me on Twitter (why? I need love! Follow me!) I am a very big fan of Teen Wolf. It’s just a smart and fun show, and thankfully nothing at all like the movie (minus some names and some clever t-shirts). I love the movie, so remaking that would have been awful. Season 2 ramped up the intensity. There were new creatures, Stiles and Derek scenes to send the fandom into a tizzy, lacrosse games, shirtlessness, gay bars, Alpha Packs, Werewolf Makeovers. I mean… the season was good stuff. But the fun part of any DVD would be the special features, and the fine folks at MTV have packed this set full of them. Here they are (except for any commentary or standard alternate/extended/deleted scenes)…

Teen Wolf Season 2 Paley Center Panel

I love the Paley Center. Just the fact that it exists brings me a lot of joy. So, when shows include their panel on the DVD I’m always happy. If only because maybe someone who isn’t familiar with what the Paley Center is will look it up. But for fans of the show, this is a fun 20 minute extra. The cast genuinely seems to get along for the most part, especially Tyler Posey (Scott). Tyler Hoechlin (Derek) and Dylan O’Brien (Stiles), so it’s fun to see them get to be themselves and not all stoic while worrying about werewolf problems. Although audience questions can lead to uncomfortable encounters, especially one between Colton Haynes and Holland Roden. It’s cute watching that they are still basically very green when it comes to being stars of a TV show.


Interested on what those action sequences with the creatures look like when they are just computer renderings that aren’t finished? Or when Jackson spends quality time with a snake? Then this 3 minute feature is for you. Not interested in that at all? Go ahead and skip it. There isn’t even any narration to give you insight.


This one is slightly more interesting because you see final edited version with music and sound effects versus the uncut version from set with the stunt doubles for a lot of it. It’s cute how tame a lot of it seems. Especially when they get to a gunfight and it goes from *BANG* *BANG* to *puh* *puh* without any effects.


I don’t review alternate/extended/deleted scenes. For the most part, while they may offer a bit of insight, it’s usually been cut with a lot of thought from the showrunner, in this case Jeff Davis. They are good to watch, but I don’t have much to say about them. This separate 5 minute feature, however is the stuff that hopes and dreams are made of. Dylan O’Brien is a national treasure, as any of my “Sex And Ginger Ale” friends will tell you. Extras of Dylan being brilliant as Stiles… well that’s just good stuff. The fact that it includes extra versions of the “I think we’re in a gay club” scene… well that was just more than I could have begun to hope for. Happy Happy Day.


This cast is funny. So is their gag reel. What is there really to say? Have I mentioned that Dylan O’Brien is a treasure?


As you may remember from the first DVD – there was a shirtless montage feature. they came back with another this time. A whole two minutes of gratuitous nudity. Not just boys, so keep that in mind if you are a fan of Crystal Reed (Allison). Also – they rub in our faces that the audience is continuously denied shirtless Stiles. The whole thing is pretty tongue in cheek, but since it’s a running joke for this show, I kind of love they embrace it. I mean… why not?


New wolves emerge this season and this 5 minute feature focuses on Erica, Boyd and Isaac – the members of Derek’s new pack. Gage Golightly, Sinqua Walls and Daniel Sharman all brought a nice new aspect to the series. Sometimes it can be hard to accept new characters – do we like them? Do we even want to? These three characters remained engaging and I appreciated how quickly they melded into the fold. This also gives a brief glimpse as to what the end of the season set up (spoiler alert) –  Peter Hale (Ian Bohen) realizing that an Alpha Pack is on their way and all the wolves we’ve come to know and love are going to be in some trouble.

So that’s the run down. Overall, it’s some fun stuff. But mostly the show is just plain great and I highly encourage everyone to marathon in to refresh or catch up on the series. I know I look forward to watching and talking about it with friends soon!


DVD and Photo courtesy of MTV.