Confession – last summer I became a little bit obsessed with a certain show about supernatural beings. No, not that one. Not that one either. Geez- there are a lot of supernatural themed shows! The one I mean is Teen Wolf on MTV.

A lot of people seemed a little skeptical about it because the name of the show, as well as some of the characters’ names, have been borrowed from the cult hit 1980s movie starring Michael J. Fox. A movie that I love. Because who wouldn’t love a movie where a guy gets better at basketball because he became a werewolf? Anyway, the point is, despite the very, very basic similarities, the two have zero to do with each other. This show is dark and funny and, I’ll admit, shockingly well done. But if you missed out, never fear! The DVD was released today and I have the scoop on all the fun bonus features!

First of all, there are the basic commentary and deleted/alternate/extended scenes to be found on several of the episodes. I love this stuff, but for the sake of time I’m not going to be reviewing those. However, I enjoy a good commentary with the cast, so I look forward to checking it out. There is also an extended version of the entire last episode to check out in the Extras section.

Let’s take a look at the rest….

Gag Reel

Is this the funniest gag reel from a TV show ever? No. Every knows that Alias has those. But these are cute. I mean, here’s the thing…The show is made up primarily of guys in their early twenties, so the shenanigans you would expect to be there are there – making faces, calling names, running and falling over, farting. The classics. I enjoy Tyler Posey (Scott), Dylan O’Brien (Stiles), Colton Haynes (Jackson) and Tyler Hoechlin (Derek) a lot so getting to see them be silly was fun. And really, do I need to sell the gag reel? Who doesn’t watch that?

Shirtless Montage
That’s right, ladies. This one is for you. It is a full two minutes of Scott, Jackson and Derek just taking their shirts off and then running, jumping, doing pull-ups, what have you. There is even a small additional gag reel moment as Allison (Crystal Reed) and Kate (Jill Wagner) talk about how hot Derek is. If male is your gender of choice, then you may want to take a couple minutes and watch this. But sit down, because otherwise you’ll clutch your pearls and faint. And if you are a guy who prefers the ladies, then maybe watch this for inspiration to hit the gym. Because…. wow.

(And I’m not going to lie, when I got the DVD and saw this was the name of one of the extras I giggled to myself for at least 5 minutes.)

Following the Pack: Meet the Cast of Teen Wolf
This isn’t too in depth. It is just about casting the characters of Scott, Stiles, Jackson, Allison, Derek and Lydia (Holland Roden). The premise of the five minute short is as follows: “They are pretty! And they can act! And they love each other! And they love to go bowling!!” If you are looking for deep meaning in why these actors were chosen for the roles and what it is that drew them to the part, don’t look here. Although I can answer. They were pretty/talented. They wanted work. Tada! Insight! But it was fun to watch them be adorable as themselves. Really, they are all impossibly pretty people.

Love Bites!
What’s the point of this feature? People make out on this show A LOT. (Except poor Stiles) And the actors enjoy it because, as I’ve mentioned, they are all super pretty and love each other. Soooo, if you enjoy the pretty people making mouth noises on screen, here’s a 3 minute short just for you!

Working the Red Carpet
As DVDs are wont to do recently, there is some video of red carpet interviews of the Teen Wolf cast at the premiere party. They talk about how excited they are, what they do to get ready for the event and the classic “what are you wearing?” It’s sweet to watch how genuinely thrilled they were to be there.

And that’s it!

The extras are a fun addition to the show. I look forward to taking some time this summer and listening to the commentaries. If you liked the show, I say buy the DVD. And at the very least, if you haven’t seen it, Netflix it to catch up before season 2 premieres – June 3rd after the MTV Movie Awards (on MTV, obvs.)

DVD provided courtesy of 20th Century Fox Entertainment.

Written by Melissa Miller. Find her on Twitter @serrae