You guys, it was really cute to see Shakira getting down and dirty (flapping her arms) to demonstrate stuff for her team.

Coach Shakira on The Voice

Coach Shakira on The Voice

My favorite from Team Shakira is, hand’s down, Sasha Allen.

However, I think Karina Iglesias really owned this song, more than anyone else. Sasha Allen surprised me by being strong in it. And Garrett Gardner sometimes seems cheesy…but mostly he did good.

This wasn’t an amazing song for Kris Thomas, though. He didn’t get to have many power moments.

Even though it was good…I find this a tiny bit unmemorable because nothing really stuck out in an “omg that’s unbelievable” way.

I think it also makes me uncomfortable because I feel like Shakira’s team is…the weakest team out of the four. (Sad but true…for me!)

Team Shakira We Are the Champions Video

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