Gossip Girl’s Little J is going bigtime with her band. Taylor Momsen of Gossip Girl fame is in the band The Pretty Reckless, and their EP is being released this summer. If you’ve caught clips of The Pretty Reckless performing on Youtube, Momsen is pretty wild. Which is unnerving when you realize she’s like, 11 years old! (Or maybe a couple years older, psh.) With all of that raccoon eyeliner, it’s hard to tell.

the pretty reckless ep picture

The Pretty Reckless have confirmed that they will release their debut EP on June 22nd in the US, Canada and Australia. Check out more info at the band’s Facebook page.

The Pretty Reckless EP Track List

1. Make Me Wanna Die
2. My Medicine
3. Goin’ Down
4. Zombie – exclusive track

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