With her song choice of “Russian Roulette” Taylor Beckham kind of handed away the Knockout win to Danielle Bradbery on The Voice 2013.

The Voice Season 4

The Voice Season 4

Song Choice:
“Russian Roulette”

It was all about using emotion, because she already had the vocals.

For me, this just … started very meh. Even though I’ve grown to like Taylor. And I think it was hard for her to be up against Danielle, who is such a favorite of Blake’s.

Usher said the song selection didn’t give her enough space. And working in the low register wasn’t so great, but at least at the end of the song we could hear her again.

“I think you’re amazing, I really do.” – Blake

She lost the knockout to Danielle Bradbery.

Blake later said it was really the song choice that failed Taylor.


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