Tawyna Reynolds is a country girl who went for a surprising mentor on The Voice 2013!


Tawnya Reynolds – She describes herself as “Country to the Core.” And she’s been working hard in Nashville, but getting very little appreciation or recognition. The one good thing she fond? Cole, her husband! And that’s all well and good, but mama still wants to get paid! She seemed very down-to-earth, and wore a kickass giant gemstone ring. When she got on stage she had a guitar and she sang “Mamma’s Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to be Cowboys.”

Adam hit his button, and then Shakira did right away as well. They both heard the same thing at the same time. It was surprisingly that Blake didn’t turn. Usher told Blake, “I mentor one of yours, you mentor one of mine?” Blake nodded, and Usher turned.

“Blake didn’t turn around… so don’t focus on Blake!” Adam insisted. Shakira said that she was Blake’s successor. Usher said he just had a conversation with Blake. Then Adam said he was in Blake’s hill. But Shakira had an “English to Country Dictionary” …” I’d be much obliged if you’d pick me,” she said. And she went on to say she was dying to have a country artist like Tawnya. Adam said as long as they could stay true to what Tawnya wanted, they could really win. Usher thought her youthful voice was also classic like Dolly Parton. And Blake went to bat for Blake, saying he’d discovered Justin Bieber.

Tawnya decided to take a new route and picked TEAM SHAKIRA. (Who knew Shakira really did love country music? Apparently she does.) “I thought when I dropped the Bieber bomb….” Blake moaned. Maybe next time, Blake.