Which TV team would you trust to solve one of the greatest unsolved murders ever? No one has ever cracked this case. Until now…

The Smithsonian semi-recently posted an article about one of the most mysterious unsolved cases to ever take place. It happened in Australia.  And no, it doesn’t involve a dingo.

The mystery has been titled “The Body on Somerton Beach” by the Smithsonian and is also referred to as “The Taman Shud Case” or  “the Mystery of the Somerton Man.”

It’s incredibly difficult to summarize (the Smithsonian piece is a great, albeit long, read) but here’s the gist:

Considered “one of Australia’s most profound mysteries”, the case has been the subject of intense speculation over the years regarding the identity of the victim, the events leading up to his death and the cause of death. Public interest in the case remains significant due to a number of factors: the death occurring at a time of heightened tensions during the Cold War, the use of an undetectable poison, lack of identification, the possibility of unrequited love and the involvement of a secret code in a very rare book – Wiki

Unsolved since 1948, this case has perplexed generations. But this seems like the perfect time to ask…

They all might solve it eventually. But which TV Show’s team do you think would have the best chance of solving this crime first?

  • Bones – Logically, no one is smarter than Dr. Brennan (Emily Deschanel.)
  • Sherlock – Excuse you? No one is smarter than Sherlock (Benedict Cumberbatch.)
  • Dexter – Who better to solve this than the ultimate serial killer? (Michael C. Hall)
  • Homeland – She may be a bit crazy, but Carrie (Claire Danes) is dedicated and smart.
  • Castle – Together, Beckett (Stana Katic) and Castle (Nathan Fillion) can crack any code.
  • White Collar – Talk about a dream team, Peter (Tim DeKay) and Neal (Matt Bomer) have unmeasurable skills. And have you seen Bomer?
  • Covert Affairs – Annie Walker (Piper Perabo) and Auggie Anderson (Christopher Gorham) never give up.

Doctor Who was not included as their technology is literally out of this world.

Answer the poll, then defend your answer in the comments! You can pick TWO teams:

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