Apparently if you want to get out of a crime, just claim you had your eyes closed the entire time. It worked last night on Take the Money and Run.

Here’s what bugs me the most. There were two girls, sisters, tasked to hide the briefcase. One sister was the alpha and took charge of everything. The other sister was more than happy to acquiesce to that plan of attack. So much so that she would randomly close her eyes and the pair would giggle about how there would be no stress since she had her eyes closed and didn’t know anything. And this is what she said to the interrogators. Eyes were closed, she didn’t see anything. But the problem is that her eyes were generally open and she knew a lot more information that they just didn’t even bother to attempt to get out of her. This girl even saw the street name of where the briefcase of money was hidden.

All in all, this seems to be a fairly dumb show where the people actually say “okay, what have we seen on TV that will help us.” With enough time and the use of a metal detector, the briefcase was found. It may have taken physical effort, but mentally it was pretty obvious. This is a truly dumb reality show, which means it probably gets pretty decent ratings. For shame.

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