The Best Walking Dead Quotes – Season 3 – “Home”

| February 18, 2013 at 5:35 AM EST

He’s got fishtanks full of heads, ya’ll. He’s coming for you. Here are the best Walking Dead quotes from Season 3 episode 11, titled “Home.” Which didn’t prove to be all that fortified or safe, sadly. Best Walking Dead Quotes – Season 3 She’s got a damn good point… Emily: How are we so sure […]

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The Walking Dead Review: “Home” – Honestly, would you turn into a Daryl or a Merle?

| February 18, 2013 at 5:29 AM EST
daryl merle

Their fashion sense may be the same, but deep down they’re nothing alike. In this review of The Walking Dead, we’re talking about the differences between brothers Merle and Daryl. A lot of the explosive action in “Home” took place between two brothers, on a mental level. Review – The Walking Dead – Season 3 […]

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