Game of Thrones “Valar Dohaeris” Review — My dragon has a microchip, it’s cool

| March 31, 2013 at 10:00 PM EDT

I will be discussing the three storylines that captivated me the most from the season 3 premiere of Game of Thrones. Make sure to check out our ongoing Game of Thrones quotes portal, as every new season 3 episode airs. This first episode really only made me excited to eagerly dive into the rest. The […]

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What ‘Game of Thrones’ tells us about human nature: A private investigator’s take

| March 31, 2013 at 7:00 PM EDT

Inside is an illuminating piece by Philip A. Becnel IV, a Managing Partner at Dinolt, Becnel & Wells Investigative Group LLC. With a keen sense of wit, he will explain why we’re really not so different than the characters we love on Game of Thrones. As you read, see if you don’t get the sense […]


The Top Geek TV Shows picked by nerd king contenders (Do you agree?)

| December 20, 2012 at 12:09 PM EST

The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, or The Big Bang Theory? Which show do most nerds agree is their favorite pick? The King of the Nerds (TBS) cast have selected their favorite TV shows, and the same titles were repeated over and over again. This got me thinking, why not use this data in some […]


King of the Nerds (TBS) Cast – We dissect this geeky group and pick our favs!

| December 15, 2012 at 9:52 AM EST

There are 11 competitors on the King of the Nerds cast. The hosts are Robert Carradine and Curtis Armstrong, and you probably are already familiar with them. Having just seen the first episode (which will premiere on January 17 on TBS) I’m going to give you a more informed run-down on who is involved. And […]


Hunted “Pilot” Review – Melissa George tackles tough chick role with finesse

| October 14, 2012 at 4:05 PM EDT

You wanted a new heroine? A brunette heroine? We may have one for you. Golden-Globe nominee Melissa George stars as Sam Hunter, a private security operative for Byzantium,  in Cinemax’s Hunted. She’s brunette and she kicks ass. Frank Spotnitz (The X-Files) created the series and will also pen most of season one. So, the first […]

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Emmys 2012 – Honoring style on The Walking Dead, Glee, Once Upon a Time, Mad Men and more

| September 23, 2012 at 10:10 PM EDT

Here is a list of the 2012 Emmy nominated costume designers and hair stylists and makeup teams with some commentary. Because just mentioning them isn’t enough in my book. If you’re on the list, reach out to us for interview opportunities! (I don’t watch a few of these shows so I cannot comment on them […]

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Bunheads Recap: Pop Culture References in “No One Takes Khaleesi’s Dragons”

| August 14, 2012 at 3:06 PM EDT

Obviously, one of the references in Bunheads “No One Takes Khaleesi’s Dragons” was Game of Thrones. But what other labels and names did we catch? Let’s compare notes! Mercedes – car The Year of Magical Thinking by Joan Didion (Novel) ABT – American Ballet Theatre

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Game of Thrones Episode Guide – “Valar Morghulis”

| June 3, 2012 at 5:35 AM EDT

The Game of Thrones season 3 finale is titled “Valar Morghulis.” “Valar Morghulis” Synopsis / Summary: Tyrion awakens to a changed situation. King Joffrey doles out rewards to his subjects. As Theon stirs his men to action, Luwin offers some final advice. Brienne silences Jaime; Arya receives a gift from Jaqen; Dany goes to a […]

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Game Of Thrones Episode Guide – “Blackwater” Season 2 Episode 9

| May 27, 2012 at 7:15 PM EDT

War reaches Tyrion and Cersei on Game of Thrones “Blackwater.” Game Of Thrones “Blackwater” Season 2 Episode 9 airs tonight SUNDAY, May 27 (9:00-10:00 p.m.) on HBO.

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3 Best Game of Thrones Season 2 Quotes in “The Prince of Winterfell”

| May 21, 2012 at 1:06 PM EDT

See what made our list for the top 3 Game of Thrones quotes from the episode, “The Prince of Winterfell.” “Is that treachery? I call that bravery.”

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