The American Idol judges can’t agree on Ta-Tynisa Wilson.

American Idol Top 24 Girls Performed last night: Ta-Tynisa Wilson began American Idol 2011’s Top 12 female performances with “Only Girl (In the World)” made popular by Rihanna. There’s always something special for fans when a current hit is sung. It feels fresh, relevant, and it’s not as overplayed (if you can believe it) as other songs we heard on the show every year.

What did the judges say?

Steven Tyler: Beautiful way to open the show.

Jennifer Lopez: You started off shaky but you brought it all the way home. I love the groove that you have.  You really really played to the crowd. You took it home.

Randy Jackson: I think it was t was just ok. … I thought that you didn’t bring anything special or different to it. … It had pitch issues. … I didn’t quite get it. It wasn’t unbelievable.

What do you think of Ta-Tynisa’s performance?

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Photo: Fox

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