Ever seen watercolors come to life?

The first dance of SYTYCD Season 9 last night was a contemporary piece choreographed by Tyce DiOrio. The dancers were Alexa Anderson, George Lawrence II, Amber Jackson and Will Thomas.

The song choice was a Jessie J cover of the immensely popular and overplayed Rihanna tune “We Found Love”. This particular cover is imbued with a softer, cinematic and emotional feeling than the upbeat pop tune that Rih Rih put out there.

Evoking a vulnerable and sentimental feel, the backdrop was like a dark wooded forest around an icy lake, and the costumes with their scraps of cloth (in blues, grays, and whites) looked like dashed off brush strokes from watercolor paintings that surrounded the dancers.

The four dancers seemed to weave through each other, pushing and pulling and telling a story about tumultuous relationships that came and went as the tide does. There was a definite sense of struggle and loss in this dance.

Each dancer performed gracefully, and with remarkable power.

Watch the video below:

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