So you Think You Can Dance season 9 started off with New York auditions. The judges were Tyce Diorio, Mary Murphy and Nigel Lythgoe. Dancers performed their solo. From there, they could be sent to Las Vegas, told to go home, or told to stay and take part on group choreography later.

sytycd 2012

Both Amelia Lowe and Shafeek Westbrook were among those who did great. But “I’m a dork and I wiggle” Austin Freeman didn’t get far.

The Good

Amelia Lowe from Butler NJ: This contemporary dancer was a big fan of the 1920’s flappers. With her Louise Brooks haircut, the show did a silent movie schtick with her. Tyce called her adorable and the judges loved her so much they gave her a standing ovation. Naturally, she was sent right to Vegas!

Shafeek Westbrook from Philadelphia: He was a flipper! “I do a combination of everything.” And he relies on showmanship to take him to his A game. He could do incredible feats with his body – it was intense. He even made his mustard-colored pants look good. Lythgoe was so pleased with what he saw. Murphy said he was “really gifted.” Dioro said he moved like silk. (Which is so true!) And there was a story behind the dance, too. It was about being a soul of his friend who passed away. (I missed a bit of his explanation.) Naturally, he got a ticket to Vegas.

Leo Reyes from Brooklyn NY: This was his first time to audition for SYTYCD, and he was doing it for his Mom. “She’s my everything and I really want to make her proud.” She attempted suicide, and it was a tragic incident in his life. He realized that at 21 he hasn’t shown his talent to the world or his Mom. Luckily, his Mom is okay. But the fire has been ignited under Leo. HE WAS AMAZING, GUYS. I love him. I love him! He went to Vegas without any discussion from the judges. He was just that good. I hope his Mother is proud.

Cheon Wespi Tschopp from (didn’t catch it): A ballet dancer with a will to dance, he definitely has what it takes to be on this show. He sang to the song “Sail” which I love, but always stays in my head so long. The judges teased him, and said he was amazing. He went to Vegas.

The Bad

Austin Freeman from Long Branch, NJ: Here to entertain us with “the wiggle” (or Mr. Wiggles) this was someone who had no actual dance skills. Quite an oddball, he showed up in a plaid shirt and glasses. He said he wanted to be a celebrity and wanted everyone to have Freeman Fever. But his dork routine wasn’t fun at all. Does it really take skill to wiggle? This guy knew he wouldn’t get past the first round, right? Mary said she didn’t want to see many men wiggle, especially not Austin. Tyce was sad about the whole thing.

Who was your favorite on SYTYCD 2012?