Innovation was the name of the game for this round! We were treated to a zombie and an exorcism in Dallas, Texas. This the second destination for the SYTYCD 2012 auditions. Joining Nigel Lythgoe and Mary Murphy for judging was Lil C.

sytycd season 9

The Good

Bree Hafen from McKinney TX: Her adorable children were invited up to watch her from Nigel’s chair. Lythgoe even had her son, Luke, deliver the Vegas ticket to her on stage. It was adorable. Little Stella then went on stage and did a little dance in her frothy pink tutu. (I laughed out loud! She was so good and sweet!) “You are a very, very good dancer,” Lythgoe said. She never had the confidence to audition until now.

Stepheon “The Zombie” Stewart from (didn’t catch! I hope I am saying his name right): He crab walked down the stairs for goodness sakes! Undeniably talented, I can’t say I would want to watch this kind of dancing all of the time. (I’m a scardy cat!) “You’re just a scary little wild creature up there,” said Murphy.

Hampton “The Exorcist” Williams from Richardson, TX: Exorcist Style – Inspired by horror movie, this style was creepy. He said his dancing would cleanse your soul after viewing it. That’s a pretty big task. He was actually teary eyed after performing, and so was Mary Murphy after watching. He got a standing ovation from everyone in the house, and Nigel called him an artist. Nigel said he was going to go to Vegas even if he had dto pay for it himself. But Mary and Lil C were both on board. “I tell ya, I feel like I’ve been exorcised,” Mary exclaimed.

Daniel Baker from Newcastle, Australia / San Fransisco, California: Now, here was a BUILT ballet dancer! I loved watching him dance. (Sidenote: his music reminded me of the Mission Impossible song.) The judges loved him, and rightfully so!

Jarell Rochelle from Huntsville, Texas: The guy with the rhyming name! His Mother is losing her eyesight, so he really wants to make his dream come true now. Nigel called him a joy to watch and that his smile was engrossing. C (I can call him that!) was a fan, as was Mary.

The Not So Great

Sam Shreffler from TX: Mildly autistic and incredibly nervous, Nigel gave him props for showing up. His style was “lyrical freestyle.” He looked a bit like he was fighting off a swarm of wasps at one point (a move he called “the ocean.”) Nigel told him not to stop dancing, but the judges didn’t put him through to the next round. I was grateful that people supported him, even though he wasn’t that great of a dancer.

The Bad

Von “Legend” Kipper from Houston, Texas: I wasn’t sure we’d have anything for “the bad” category, until we saw Von Kipper. He dressed up like a hamster, and had a bad attitude. So… yea. He said he didn’t want to be on the show. He also bashed Sam! The audience boo’d him. Lil C said he lost his focus. Mary called it spastic – which is the perfect word for what he did. Who would ever want to work with this guy? No one should hire him until he changes his attitude!

Who was your favorite?