The final stop for the SYTYCD 2012 auditions was in SLC, Utah. Along the way, there were aliens, plenty of ballroom dancers, and Leroy.

Witney Carson: This Latin and Ballroom dancer has been dancing since she was eight years old. And she looked … about eight years old now! No, that’s harsh. But she must be young! I would think she was 15. Which makes it odd that she was all about dancing with sensuality. Anyway, shut me up because guess what. She was amazing! The technique, even a novice like me, could tell was impeccable. Holy Mother of Passion, that child was good. (She still has a baby face, yes.) Nigel said Witney had a gift, had great technique, great legs, a great back, and a “smoking hot face.” Mary said, “you are for sure what I call a hot tamale.” (Vegas!)

Lynn Gravatt : This alien space dance said that Pleides constellation gives energy to her dance. Of course, she has three spirit guides. Devil Da Flame, Divine Da Flame, and Rainbow Lite Bright are those guides. And when she talks about them, and her dance, she tears up. “My soul is from the stars.” I mean. I want to root for her, but I think she’s crazy. She used to be an aerospace engineer, but is currently unemployed. She told Nigel, “I believe I’m in a human body but my soul hails from elsewhere.” But she wasn’t great. Nigel told her to keep reaching for happiness, and Mary called her a sweetheart. “I don’t know if there’s a place for you on the show, but there’s a very special place for you in this world,” said Adam. (I missed his full name, and I’m new to the show so I didn’t know!) Even though she was cut, she had joy about the process.

Deanna “Dee” Tamasetta : From a large Italian family, she’s also the youngest (and only) girl. But her brothers can’t interrogate her boyfriend because her boyfriend is dance (that’s what she said.) Her dancing was very fluid and powerful. She looked a bit like the actress Anna Camp. (Vegas.)

Gene Lonardo : Cue the mantis music! Wearing green paint, his dance routine was based on the life cycle of the male praying mantis. From birth to death. And here’s the crazy part. He wasn’t a bad dancer in the least. Nigel called it both intriguing and entertaining. (Vegas.)

Lindsay Arnold : She was a fantastic ballroom dancer who Nigel called fabulous, and a great performer. Mary said she reminded her of Julianne Hough. (Vegas.)

Mariah Spears : This little blonde girl krumps! It was dynamic. Nigel’s first comment was saying she had put a “stank face” on. (Choreo. Then Vegas.)

Murphy Yang : His parents don’t support him, and six months ago his family moved without him. They even disowned him. But, luckily, his girlfriend kept him from giving up. He performed, it wasn’t bad… and then he lifted up his shirt to read “Vegas?” written on his stomach. Nigel loved the humor behind his routine. But he didn’t feel there were enough moves. Mary said he hadn’t had enough dance training yet, but also called him entertaining. (Choreo. Went home.)

Johnny : He wanted to be confident like a jerk… without being a jerk. He said he’s gotten good results with these techniques. …Anyway. He wasn’t a bad dancer but I hate his personality. Mary noticed that when he dances he never looks at her. He’s very self-involved. (Choreo. Went home.)

Adrian Lee : He’d been cut in season 7, but he couldn’t give up on his dream. He didn’t even tell his family he was auditioning this year, though. I really loved his personality, and his dancing was strong. Adam didn’t love all the choreography, but said he had beautiful lines and great confidence. Mary had to tease him about the brief self worship move in his dance, but thought he had everything they were looking for. Nigel liked his lines and thought he was very good. People will root for him. (Vegas. And there was a ticket for his Mom, too!)

Rachel Applehans : Her M.O. is about being sexy with burlesque jazz. There was a strange amount of tongue action in her dancing. Adam said she was fun and fantastic to watch, but that she didn’t do much actual dancing. Nigel thought there wasn’t enough jazz dancing with her burlesque. (Choreo. Then Vegas.)

Leroy Martinez : He was overweight, worked at a doggy day care, and had a tough past. And he was a fun hip hopper. He brought the crowd to a standing O. Adam called him phenomenal. Mary said he was a competitor in life, but probably not right for the show. (Choreo. Went home.)

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