The math on SYTYCD 2012 last night was pretty simple, so simple that even I could do it. The show started with 181 dancers in Vegas, and 35 are now left. (Which has to get down to 20, oooh!) Let’s recap how that happened. (Mostly there was a lot of sweating and sleep deprivation…)

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While in Las Vegas, the dancers had four days and eight rounds of auditions. The styles of dance they had to perform in were: solos, hip hop, broadway, jazz, group round, ballroom, contemporary and final solos. (Plus, of course, the dancing for your life bit.)

Alongside Nigel Lythgoe and Mary Murphy at the judges table sat Debbie Allen, Lil’ C, Adam Shankman and Tyce DiOrio.

Hampton the Exorcist – Despite making the panel of judges swoon, he couldn’t master the choreography for hip hop, and bowed out of the competition.

Dragon House Members – Andre also voluntarily left because of the hard work. Then Boris was cut. But Cyrus aka Glitch managed to hang on all the way to the end. (He did have to dance for his life at one point – and he got a standing O for his trouble.) I worry that he needs more training to be what they’re looking for. Still, he’s unique, and Nigel mentioned they are looking for unique dancers moreso than just the best dancers. (Fair? Shrug. Entertaining? Yes.)

SYTYCD Alexa Anderson – The judges were frustrated with her at every turn. They loved her dancing, but felt she was dead in the face. Tyra Banks would have told that girl to smize! And one of the judges even mentioned that her beauty was only going to take her so far. But she had an honest to goodness breakthrough, and managed to give them what they wanted in the end. Debbie Allen was among just one of the judges to say this girl could win it all. But will she? She’s definitely one I’ll be watching.

SYTYCD Danielle Dominguez – She was so sweet, and I was rooting for her. But then she was cut during her group dance. I really wanted her to stay! (She was the girl who ate bacon like there was no tomorrow.)

SYTYCD Amelia Lowe – Louise Brooks managed to pull through to the end, but she’s going to need to learn to inhabit choreography given to her if she wants to really pull ahead and stay.

SYTYCD Adrian Lee – He almost made it onto the show in a previous season, but he was cut just at the end, which Nigel called the cruelest cut. (The first cut may be the deepest, according to Sheryl Crow, but this was tough!) I feel so bad for him. Come here, let me cuddle you! (And watch you dance – because you’re amazing!)

Next week we’re going to find out who our top 20 dancers are. In the meantime… it’s summer, it’s hot, and I suggest we all drink some raspberry lemonade! What are you thinking of So You Think You Can Dance season 9 so far?

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