Los Angeles auditions provided SYTYCD 2012 with plenty of variety.. from the good to the “OMG CAN BODIES EVEN DO THAT?”

Nigel Lythgoe, Mary Murphy and super fan of SYTYCD (season 9), Jesse Tyler Ferguson were the judges. And Fergy Ferg (I can call him that!) was super enthusiastic and up for seeing booty shaking.

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Alexa Anderson – She had auditioned for season 8 of SYTYCD, and was back now to prove she’d improved herself. I found her dancing completely inspiring. (I’m super picky and I might have said some parts were a little too aggressive for me.) Her body is powerful, and she really gave it her all (to use a cliche.) Nigel said he would be giving her a huge compliment by sending her along to Vegas right away. Boom, Vegas time! She totally deserved it. She’s one to watch.

Jontel “Johnny Waacks” Gibson – “Wacking” is his style of dancing. (I’m still new to So You Think You Can Dance, and this style of dance.) And he claims he can do it without looking crazy. He wished he’d been born in the 70’s, and his clothing lived up to that claim. When asking “How long have you been wacking” Nigel couldn’t stop laughing. But Johnny was taking it very seriously. The euphemism was too much for the judges, though! When he got to dancing, there was a lot of rapid movement.. and I surprisingly liked watching it. (More or less.) I like when you can see that a dancer is passionate, and he was definitely passionate. “What you’ve got is incredibly musicality,” Nigel noted. Mary noted he had likability factor. “If Lenny Kravitz was a Russian nesting doll.. you’d be the tiny one on the inside,” said Jesse. Because Johnny has other dance experience (and was so likeable), the judges were swayed to keep him around for choreography later.

Eliana Girard – She loves “aerial pole dancing.” And we have to clarify that it’s not stripping, ya’ll! I was pretty mesmerized by just how looooong her legs were… Nigel loved her dancing and how she gave a true performance. “I felt as though you felt your music,” he said. He also said she was one of the best girls this year (so far on sytycd 2012.) High compliments! Mary said she was top 20 material. Jesse said he already loved her so much.

Nick Aragon and James Aragon – The Ninja Twins – They were sassy. And they do everything together. “We live on the A list, on a B list budget,” they said before comparing themselves to Andy Warhol. But they did have great comedic timing and energy. I thought they’d be a joke, but I ended up really rooting for them. The personality in the show (and humor) was great. But because they’re over 30, they couldn’t be in the competition. I guess they just wanted to show off just once. And I’m glad they did.

Sam Lenarz – We didn’t get a lot of backstory, but we know that her Mother kicked her out of her house. She moved in with her best friends family, luckily. Mother’s and daughters, man. Anyway. Nigel said she had a beautiful quality about her work. But he said he needed more heart and passion from her. Mary enjoyed watching her control her body, and said she was good enough to take more risk. Jesse said she was a beautiful dancer, and that it was her destiny. I almost teared up watching her cry, and hearing how supportive the judges were about her dancing. They sent her through to choreography, and I can’t wait to see more of what Sam does. I’m also curious about her Mom, and why she’d kick her daughter out…

Caley Carr – AWESOME personality! This is a kid who grew up with ADHD but found an outlet in tap. God, he even made me happy (and I was feeling miserable while writing this.) I would watch him tap for hours, he was that charismatic. “It’s such a cliche you have a mustache, you tap and you surf… I’ve seen that so many times. Oooh, so bored,” Fergy joked. He was really entertained and said he was illuminating. Nigel said he was “tremendous.”

Megan Branch – She reminded me of a pixie… Tinkerbell, maybe. Mary called her a little butterfly and said she had tons of potential. Fergy loved her energy. Nigel called her a little firecracker. I’m so glad they liked her. And I’m even more glad that they sent her to Vegas!

Cole Horibe – That’s a horrible last name, but he was a very interesting dancer. His dancing looks like martial arts moves. He also, inexplicably, reminded me of Brandon Routh. Listen, he’s cute. I like him. And he’s loaded with experience! Jesse said he had major presence. Mary said it was simply spectacular. Nigel said his legs looked lethal. It was Vegas for Cole!

David Matz – We’ll call him the wheel guy. He danced with a large silver hoop. It was mesmerizing. Jesse called it beautiful and really cool. But Nigel was concerned about what else David could do dance-wise. So he went on to choreography.

Stephen Jacobsen – Nigel said he should be shot for the bad choreography, he also said it was a corny piece. He was given a second chance to show his real skills. And he was such a powerful ballet dancer that it was crazy! And he went right to Vegas! That’s how we do it, folks!

Jonathan Anzalone – He was here in season 4, and totally cocky. This time, he’s back and bald. Nigel just wanted to get it over with, and you could tell he didn’t expect much when he said “cue music.” Jesse said there wasn’t a ton of substance, but that he was skilled. Nigel said it was more of a contortionist act than a dance. He was outrageous. Nigel had a female go up there to dance with him, to prove he could seduce a woman… or something. I forget. He was doing a lot of wiggling. Mary said he deserved a chance for Vegas. Nigel voted for choreography, and Jesse agreed. They wished him luck and sent him on his way.

Jasmine Mason – Extraordinary, and it had soul. Vegas! (She was Marshea’s sister.)

Marshea Kidd – He was in a coma six weeks ago. And he was pronounced DOA. He’s auditioned for SYTYCD before several times. I am not sure why he didn’t get through before. But this time, it was the golden (vegas) ticket right away.

What are you guys feeling about the So You Think You Can Dance season 9 auditions so far? I feel like I have just SO MANY FAVORITES, AAAH. So, yea, it’s a LITTLE overwhelming!