Who is this character on “Survivor” named Russell? What a disrespectful jackass. I have never wanted someone to get his comeuppance so soon into a reality TV show as I do with this jerkoff. And I don’t mean Black-guy-with-dreads Russell, I mean fat-annoying-guy-egomaniac Russell. He thinks he’s so great and really has awareness of how much of a douchebag he is.

He dumped all the water out of the canteens, he told a lie about being in Hurricane Katrina and losing his dog in the flood waters and he tossed people’s socks in the fire while they were sleeping. He needs to be stopped.

Unfortunately, nobody catches on to his asshattery and he is NOT the first person out. In fact, he manufactures Marisa’s demise in the game because she started to think he was shady.

He is gross. Get him outta here.