Does she bring her own wind with her? Wowza.

Does she bring her own wind with her? Wowza.

The Elephant Project is an organization whose goal is to raise money and
much-needed awareness for the Alzheimer’s Association. Elephants are adorable, but losing your memories is anything but. 🙁

To raise money, and awareness, we have celebrities pose for a
picture with an elephant beanie baby, which are then auctioned
off in an Elephant Project auction package! Each package
consists of an 8×10 photo of a celebrity posing with the
elephant, a signed Elephant Project card by that celebrity, and a special elephant beanie baby! Some of the celebrities that have participated include Gerard Butler, Lady Gaga, Zac Efron, Julie Andrews, Anne Hathaway, Adam Sandler, Jennifer Garner, Ashley Tisdale and tons of others!

Yet to be auctioned are the packages from Adam Brody, Chace Crawford, Rose Bryne (So pretty), Al Roker, Sarah Jessica Parker, David Hyde Pierce, Chris Pine, Lea Michele, Rachel McAdams, Gerard Butler, Andy Samberg, James Marsden, Sienna Miller (I wish I could have seen her on Broadway), George Lopez, Ashley Judd (Love her movies), Lauren Graham (She’s amaaazing), Michael Urie (Hilarious!), Patty Griffin (Love her music!), Regina Spektor (Ditto!), Alex O’Loughlin (He was in Moonlight if you can’t place him), and Kristen Chenoweth. You can see the page here. Make sure to check out the main website for all the details you need to get your own elephant, or to donate.

P.S. “FYI: Auctions on eBay happen only a few times a year, with many auctions happening at once. Please join the mailing list and follow us on Twitter or Facebook to be notified of when the next set of auctions will be placed on eBay!”

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