If you’re a fan of Supernatural, then you know all about the Ghostfacers. And in fact, I bet you want more of them. And now you get your wish. DUN DUN DUN.

Kelowna reports that while we may or may not see the Ghostfacers on this season of Supernatural, A.J Buckley and Travis Wester aka Ed and Harry have been hired by Eric Kripke to write 10 episodes in a web spinoff series (read: web series aka webisodes). Filming for the web series begins this March in sunny L.A. Well, I suppose there are lots of demons and ghosts to face in THAT town. Like Heidi Pratt.

There is a lot of debate going on about whether there will be a six season of Supernatural. And if it’s true that the show ends with season 5 (due to the grueling hours demanded of just two leads) then this is a good way to keep the series alive. I would think fans would watch an actual show based on the ghostfacers. Except, that show Reaper didn’t do so good, huh?