The Winchesters have endured the wrath of Lucifer, demons, archangels and plenty of monsters. But now, not only do they have the mother of all monsters after them, but also the Fates.

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Supernatural season 6 is a testament that humor gets better with age. This has been the most hilarious and outrageous season yet. Not only that, but it also continues to be an endless homage to classic and popular slasher films. I’m sure not one fan of this series would watch this week’s episode without wanting to do a “Final Destination” marathon. I have no shame to admit that’s what I would have spent my saturday doing, if I had all four movies on DVD.

The episode opened with a classic “Final Destination”-type death, with all the dominos falling into place and the first victim getting his head chopped off with a garage door. It’s no surprise that it catches the Winchesters attention and they are inclined to go investigate. It seems even in a changed world where the boys drive a classic Mustang, and Bobby is married to Ellen, that Rufus is still dead, and everyone is worried about him.

Can we just talk about Bobby and Ellen for a minute? I know there are fans out there that were worried about seeing this pair, despite the fact that Samantha Ferris is back as Ellen Harvelle, who we haven’t seen since halfway through Season 5 in “Abandon All Hope” when she died in an explosion with her daughter Jo. Whatever the reservations I had, now I’m wishing that a Bobby and Ellen marriage was canon. If not just to have Samantha Ferris back on the my television every week, it’s nice to finally see that Bobby has someone to confide in other than Dean and Sam.

The most disturbing part of this episode was not the blood, because well…this is Supernatural. If you’re not used to the blood by now, you’re screwed. It’s not even that Castiel has been keeping yet another secret from them. It was that the Impala was nowhere in sight. Now, I love Mustangs, and I would do almost anything to own one someday. But this fandom has got so much love for that Impala that it is almost heresy to see the Winchesters driving anything else. Especially with the old license plate.

The content of this episode reminded me of “The French Mistake”. There are so many references that are just laying in wait to be found. I know most fans realized by now why they flip flopped the episodes. Originally, “Frontierland” was supposed to air on April 15th. However, I’m guessing that when the network found out April 15th was the anniversary of the Titanic sinking, they wanted a little extra glee from the fans. Which is exactly what they got. Despite the outrage of having to wait for yet another week for the all anticipated western episode, the fans always appreciate another reason to flail in our chairs. But this isn’t the only Titanic reference.

Did anyone else catch that Dean and Sam were staying at the White Star Line Hotel? I didn’t. A friend of mine, @PamelaLove74 on Twitter, told me about it. How about when Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On” playing on the radio when they woke up at the Impala in the end? And don’t even get me started on Balthazar’s First Mate I.P. Freely. A couple other little tidbits to catch: How about in the picture of Bobby and Ellen where it says B&E, then at the end, it is back to Singer?

Now, is it just me or was the cinematography of this episode especially excellent. Maybe it was the story, but there is certainly something about this episode that is far more intimate than usual. All of the Bobby and Ellen scenes were tragically beautiful. A lot of cutting back and forth between close ups of the hands and eyes. It almost felt like the audience was intruding.

In the teamwork between the Winchester, Bobby, Ellen and Jo, they find out that all the victims of these strange and bizarre deaths have one thing in common. They are all the descendants of people that came over from Europe on a ship called the Titanic, and something or someone is killing them off one by one. Through researching the thread of gold left at every crime scene, Bobby concludes that Fate is responsible. So far, the only thing they can do is try and protect Fate’s next victims. That’s easier said than done, especially when a huge passenger bus has for one of them.

When Dean and Sam try to confront Atropos, one of the three Fates responsible for all these wacky deaths, we find out that not only does she have it in for the Winchesters, but also for the angels. It is after all, Castiel’s fault that she is working overtime at not only cleaning up his mess of the failed apocalypse, but also at changing history. Castiel saves Dean and Sam from an explosion and tells them to watch their backs.

Reluctantly, they have to let Bobby in on the loop. Not only have all the people on the Titanic survived, but Ellen and Jo are supposed to be dead. As usual, the trio is forced to make a terrible choice. Allow things to be as they are, and the children of the Titanic survivors to live on and stop Atropos, or change things back, which means losing Ellen and Jo again. One of the best things this series has always done is continue to test the humanity’s of its characters. Putting them in the most impossible situations and forcing them to make a horrible choice. One that will cause pain, no matter what they choose.

Despite the intense and intimate drama this episode provides, Supernatural always has a way of throwing humor into midst, to lighten our hearts. Although an homage to “Final Destination”, one of the best deaths this season hands down, goes to the man pulverized by the bus. In fact, it’s the only death that I stood from my chair and cheered, like I was watching a death match in the Colosseum. And let’s not forget the hilarity of the scene in which they have to dodge skateboarders, curious dogs, and flying hatchets…that are on fire. Yet, of all the ways to die, Atropos decided a falling air conditioning unit would be best. An insult if you ask me. However, considering her attitude when Castiel saved them again, she meant for it to be. She gave him an ultimatum. Change history back, or she would stalk the Winchesters until she was successful in killing them.

He may not be the Castiel that helped Dean and Sam at every turn like last season, but he is certainly still the angel that will keep them safe if it’s for his own benefit. Wait a minute…that sounds more like Season 4 Castiel. But this time, he is the one giving the orders. Castiel orders Balthazar to restore history and sink the Titanic once again. The only question I have is what exactly did he need those extra people for? Atropos made it sound like the angels have some kind of a machine that is powered by human souls. I have no doubt that this will be the center of attention in the upcoming Castiel-centric episode “The Man Who Would Be King”, written and directed by Ben Edlund.

Although Castiel has been hiding information from the Winchesters all season, it still surprises me that he ordered Balthazar to change history for their benefit, and would lie to them about it. All the fans got so used to the Castiel-losing-his-angel-mojo that would never keep anything from Dean and Sam that this Castiel is almost too hard to deal with. In fact, many fans are suspecting that bringing Sam back soulless was planned, by both him and Crowley. I continue to wait for the moment that the Winchesters can no longer trust him, and considering the terrifying bits and pieces that have been given to the fans about the finale, this season is not going to end well for the three of them. That is what scares me most. Just when Team Free Will was stronger than ever, something breaks them apart all over again.

Make sure you don’t miss next week’s anticipated western episode “Frontierland”, and my recap that I’m sure will be full of uncontrollable fangasms.

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