Supernatural has never skimped on the witty episode titles, and last weeks Friday episode was no exception. The episode was titled, “Live free or Twihard.”

When I think about how Supernatural almost ended last year, I realize what the conversation might have sounded like behind-the-scenes.

Eric Kripke: Well, this is our last season. I always said it would be.

Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki: Yea, we’re pretty tired of  working so hard. But we’ll miss it so much.

Sera Gamble: When we started, supernatural stuff wasn’t trendy or anything.

Kripke: Yea, now everyone’s jumping on board.

Gamble: Seems like a pretty dumb time to jump off of it…

Well, that’s obviously not a transcript of a real conversation, but I want to mention that again so I don’t get sued. ANYWAY. I don’t make it a secret that I loathe the Twilight saga. I think it’s poorly written and actually very sexist. This is why the first ten minutes of “Live Free or Twihard” was especially enjoyable for me. They mocked Twilight and its rabid fans SO WELL, it was like the best Twilight spoof ever.

But, to appease Supernatural fans who are also fans of the Twilight abomination*, some of the episode then took some time to make amends. An example of this is when Dean mentioned how the Edward character creepily watching the Bella girl was “rapey” but we later saw that Dean, suffering the effects of being a newly turned vampire went to visit Lisa in the same matter. (I still say it’s not the same.)

A major moment in this Supernatural episode was when we see Sam had a chance to save Dean from being turned into a vamp, and he let it happen. It seems Sam really wanted a lead on the Alpha vampire he and Samuel had been hunting, and having an “in” like Dean-as-a-vampire was too good to pass up. But it was also incredibly dangerous, what if the cure hadn’t worked?

I don’t trust Samuel all that much, but I trust Sam even less. It seems like even Samuel is suspicious of Sam and his motives. I really want Dean to wail on Sam about this. While I’ve never been a fan of classifying one brother as good and the other as more inherently dark, it’s pretty clear that Sam will always be the darker of the two and Dean is left to be the surprisingly badass good guy.

Part of me thinks we’ve done that plot before, but I suppose it would have been weird to switch up the characterizations this late in the game. (Although I wouldn’t suggest they swap who is “good” and who is “bad” but, instead, have Sam stop being so much more aligned with the  “bad” side of things. With this new season, it seems like in Buffy Summers suspected  of herself in season 6, he may have come back wrong.)

I’d say this is my favorite episode of Supernatural season 6 so far. What do you guys think?

*”Can I call Twilight an abomination?” – Jessica  “I’d be surprised if someone hasn’t already.” – Estella “Touche.” – Jessica