The CW Network announced their “early” renewals this afternoon, including Supernatural for a 7th Season. It’s among the first announcements that the network has made when it comes to the fates of their popular series because of all the politics going on with the business front.

But fans of both Supernatural and The Vampire Diaries have reasons to celebrate, freak out and fangirl today. Mostly because the season finales for both series will officially not end in vain.

I think fans of the Winchesters of a particular reason to let out the breaths we have all been holding since Eric Kripke announced at the Paley Fest last month that this season will end with a particular nasty cliffhanger. It seems the battle against Eve is destined to rage on…as we all hoped it would.

It leaves fans like me, the ones who love to sit and brainstorm on upcoming possible story lines, what destiny will have in mind for Dean and Sam Winchester this fall. Will there still be a war in Heaven? Will Castiel defeat Raphael? Will Eve still be alive and kicking? Is there another villain that we have yet to meet?

On the other hand, there are things that we do know. At the Supernatural Los Angeles convention in February, Jensen Ackles did say that if the show does get renewed, there is a very good possibility that he would direct another episode in Season 7, having made his directorial debut this season with episode 4 “Weekend at Bobby’s”. Also, Guy Norman Bee, director of last week’s western “Frontierland”, informed the fans that he too would be directing again. Along with Ben Edlund, writer of Season 6 fan favorites “Clap Your Hands If You Believe” and “The French Mistake” and writer/director of the upcoming episode 20 “The Man Who Would Be King”, who will also be getting behind the camera again.

It is no surprise that the network decided on a renewal, considering how much Supernatural has been “kicking butt” in the Friday ratings and winning fan awards from TV Guide while up against primetime knockouts Castle and Chuck. But getting on the cover of TV Guide thanks to the fans is nothing to take for granted. And being honored at the Paley Fest is yet another accomplishment this series can appreciate. In other words, this series deserves another season. The ratings have never been better, and the fan base is still growing.

The journey of Dean and Sam Winchester is destined to carry on for another 22 episodes…

Now excuse me as I go put “Carry On My Wayward Son” on repeat for the next few days.

Written by Candace Wilson

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