Cowboy hats. Dusters. Spurs. Horses. And Samuel Colt. What is there to fangirl about?

I swear, I will try to get through this entire recap without running away from my laptop screaming with absolute delight. There is a reason that this season seems like a service to the fans. Sometimes I feel like the writers had a meeting last summer and decided to throw together everything that weren’t crazy enough to do before and gave it to us in one 22 episode arch simply because there was no promise of a seventh season. Go hard or go home. And because of that, we got Twilight, fairies, dragons, subtext, an alternate universe and the Old West. All of this along with another fantastic storyline.

This week, now only did Dean Winchester get a life long dream, but so did Jared and Jensen. At the Los Angeles Supernatural Convention in February, both Jared and Jensen voiced how long they have wanted to star in a western. What better way than to do so with Supernatural?

Back on the hunt for a way to kill Eve, Sam remembers from his time that he spent soulless where the Campbell family library is. In it, they search for a way to kill her. Bobby finds a reference that the ashes of a phoenix can kill “the Mother”. Now, is it just me or did anyone else think the Winchesters need to get over the fact that usually myths turn out to be true? Haven’t they realized that angels, the devil, fairies, and dragons exist, why can’t anything else be real at this point? During the search Dean comes across the journal of Samuel Colt, the creator of the Colt, the one weapon that can kill anything. Well, anything by Lucifer and four other things.

In the journal, he finds a passage, of the gun killing a phoenix and leaving a pile of ashs behind on the morning of March 5th in the year 1861. Has anyone else wondered where the Campbells actually found Samuel Colt’s journal? After fangirling over the journal of one of their heroes, there are smiles all around. Finally, they have come to a solution. A way to bring down Eve. Although Castiel is willing to help, Rachel, one of his lieutenants is not so gentle with her opinions of the Winchesters, believing them to be only using Castiel as a crutch and constantly demanding his presence. Overall, not very different from many other angels we have met. In fact, I was particularly having Uriel flashbacks for a moment there.

Castiel agrees to send them back in time to retrieve the phoenix ashes, with only one problem. They only have 24 hours to achieve their goal, any longer, and Castiel may not have the ability to pull them back and they would be stuck in the Old West forever. Not that Dean would mind, but the future would be subject to Eve’s doom.

To say that Dean did not fangirl throughout the rest of the episode would be a lie. There is no other perfect word to describe it. And according to Guy Norman Bee, the director of this episode, Jensen Ackles had way too much fun acting like one of us. What else would cause Dean to go on a full throttle shopping spree? Having arrived in 1861, they begin their search for Samuel Colt. Entering the town of Sunrise, they witness the hanging of Elias Finch. They talk to the judge and the Sheriff, to which Dean introduces himself and Sam as Clint Eastwood and Walker, a Texas Ranger. However, much to Dean’s dismay, they may not fit in as much as he thought. Samuel Colt seems to have taken permanent residence outside of town, after building an enormous railroad. A little bit if Supernatural history for you: It’s the same railroad that they discover in the Season 2 finale “All Hell Breaks Loose”, that is protecting the Devil’s Gate.

But that’s not their only problem. And I’m not talking about the prostitute that is clearly after Dean’s affections. Elias Finch is not as dead as everyone thought. By setting his hand on the chest of the Judge, he burns his body to ashes. There is only one thing they know of that can kill any monster. The Colt. Sam takes a horse to find Samuel Colt, and Dean stays behind to go hunting Elias Finch the next morning.

Then came, finally, the reveal of the legendary hunter, Samuel Colt. I’m sure he is not quite who the audience or Sam expected. In fact, he quite reminded me of Rufus Turner when we first met him at the end of season 3. A retired hunter, broke and alone. I was also reminded of what he said to Dean over a few shots of Johnny Walker Blue: “I’m what you have to look forward to.” Which is exactly the case with Samuel Colt. Portrayed by TV legend Sam Hennings, he is not exactly the hero that we expected to meet. He may be badass, but now he is more interested in saving a good bottle of whiskey than ridding the world of his share of demons. He refuses to help Sam, despite the fact that he almost immediately believes his story about coming from the year 2011. He in fact, tries to dissuade Sam from the life:

Colt: “You don’t want it. It’s a curse believe me.”

Sam: “Lemme take it off your hands.”

Colt: “You go put on a few more miles, come back and we’ll talk.”

Sam: “I’ve got plenty of mileage.”

Colt: “I’m doing you a favor. Believe me.”

Sam: “So what? You’re just going to sit there?”

Colt: “I’ve given my whole life to this. I’m done.”

Sam: “So it doesn’t matter what happens?”

Colt: “No, it doesn’t.”

Sam: “So everything you did? It all means nothing? Give me the gun.”

Meanwhile, back in present day, Rachel confronts Castiel about his decisions and loyalty to their cause. The fans have been hearing about this new angelic character for a few months now, and I’m sure I wasn’t the only one that was surprised that she only stuck around for less than one episode. However, considering Supernatural’s track record with female characters, we shouldn’t have been so surprised. She and Castiel have their own little death match, and although he wins, he is wounded. There is a gaping hole in his chest and he flees to Bobby’s for help. He can barely stand before falling unconscious. I am left wondering if that wound is going to have lasting effects on his abilities.

There has been a lot of talk about Castiel and the decisions he has been making this season. I myself have questioned him in numerous of my own recaps. To retrieve Sam and Dean from the Old West in time, he needs a little assistance with his mojo. He needed to siphon some of the energy from Bobby’s soul to have the juice to pull them back to the present. Castiel: “The human soul is pure energy.” This makes me think back to last week, when he was talking to Atropos and she accused him of needing more human souls for his machine. Now, given the information that angels can use human souls to give them more moo, is it possible that they can be used as a weapon? Once again, I am left wondering what this so called machine is that Atropos mentioned and what is Castiel’s plan? Would be truly sacrifice the lives of humans to win this war in Heaven?

The sheriff doesn’t show up in the morning to go hunt down Finch. Instead, they find his ashes in the street. The bartender names Dean the new Sheriff. Even after watching the episode many times already, I still can’t decide whether Dean was worried or a little too excited about the badge on his vest. With only a short time left to collect the phoenix ashes and Sam yet to return from finding Colt, Dean has got to keep Finch busy as he comes for the life of the last man responsible for his wife’s murder. Although Sam may not have shown up with Samuel Colt, he did bring the gun.

In true Old West fashion, Dean and Finch have a shootout at high noon in the middle of the street. With the Colt at his side, Dean wins, having the quicker hands. Blowing the smoke from the barrel, Dean replies with one of the greatest pop culture reference in this series. “Yippie-ki-yay motherfu-” I’m pretty sure I screamed, and I know I threw my phone from my hands and fell from my chair in fits of laughter. Despite their victory at killing the phoenix, they fail to get the ashes before Castiel brings them back to the present.

A few months ago, when we learned that Supernatural would be doing a western episode, I hoped to God that they would make a Back to the Future reference. I even tweeted the director, Guy Norman Bee and hoped for the best. He replied saying it wasn’t so much as a direct reference, but rather an implied one. Coming up to the last few moments of the episode, I was disappointed. But then, Bobby’s doorbell rang.

A delivery man is standing at the door with an old package that has been sitting around their office for forever, and he hands it over to Sam. Opening the old box, he finds a note from Samuel Colt along with his now 150 year old phone. Colt collected the ashes they needed and made sure the package would be received, finding the address he needed on the phone that Sam left behind. It seems that Samuel Colt is the legendary hunter and great man that the Winchesters expected him to be after all. And now, they have a fighting chance against Eve.

And so passed one of the greatest episodes of the series. Thank you to all the actors for their enthusiasm. To Guy Norman Bee for being the badass director that he is. And to the writers for bringing this fabulous episode into our lives.

With only four episodes remaining and all the teasers the world has been given from Sera Gamble, Ben Edlund and Eric Kripke about the end of the season, I am officially frightened. There is still a lot of pain ahead.

Be sure not to miss next week’s episode “Mommy Dearest”, marking the return of Samantha Smith as Mary Winchester.

Written by Candace Wilson

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