I’ll admit it, I can’t think of a clever and concise ‘b’ word to fit those Jay-Z lyrics, so I went with a ‘p’ word. In the Supernatural episode “99 Problems” I was left feeling satisfied and happy with the episode, but a bit meh about the end. I’m going to assume that if you’re reading this, you’ve seen the episode and the last thing you want is another recap (they can be pretty boring). So, I’m not recapping anything. Not my style.

  • The road to hell is paved with good intentions. Seriously. Take notes. Avoid so-called “good intentions”.
  • Cas and his voicemail is always amusing. It looks like the future Castiel we saw earlier this season is being formed now. His Dad (God) basically left him, as did his siblings (fellow Angels). He’s all alone, and feeling purposeless. People have become alcoholics for much less than that. It’s kind of like there’s a recession in heaven, and Castiel has been laid off. Which sucks. But the Angel’s unionized and are having a coup.
  • When Castiel mentions that Sam can’t slay the Whore of Babylon because only a servant of heaven can, and he says something along the lines of “Sam’s an abomination” how could you not chuckle? Although, I’m pretty sure Castiel could have done it. I mean, an angel is an angel. But, that wouldn’t have given us the intense dynamic of trying to convince a priest to kill his “daughter” (who was not his daughter anymore).
  • On the religion front, Supernatural‘s message here seemed to be that doing things in the name of God, which go against everything else you know to be true about Christianity – is wrong. God doesn’t want you to kill people or lock them in closets and burn them. And on lesser levels that can relate to your actual life (I hope the former stuff can’t relate to your life) beware of false prophets who seem good-intentioned but just want money, or want to manipulate you into thinking a certain way that goes against the golden rule – which I think is in most religion of any kind. Be kind, rewind. Well, you know what I mean.
  • The preview for the episode kind of gave a major hint that Lisa and her son, Ben, would come into play. And they did at the very end of the episode. Dean went to visit them (and they’d moved so it was like stalking, dude) and confessed that his idea of happiness is being with Lisa and the kid. It didn’t seem like he was confessing that he was in love with her (although I think that’s how Lisa took it), and this seemed very sudden and rushed. I think maybe Dean just needs someone to believe in. I didn’t feel this scene was earned in the plot – it was too random. Dean never mentioned Lisa or Ben, and it would have been nice to know at some other point that they were still in his mind. The problem is that  I wasn’t emotionally invested, even though the scene was well-acted. I just have a hard time believing it.
  • One way that does help me believe in what Dean did at the end of the episode is that if Dean is feeling abandoned by his “Dad” aka God, he goes to the one “son” he has (which you could almost say is Sam considering how they were as kids, but the age range is too close). Lisa said Ben wasn’t his son, but it’s the closest thing Dean has. Ben is an innocent, and Ben is someone Dean would fight for. Dean doesn’t want to disappoint little Ben. He wants to stand up for him. Which is noble.
  • Helplessness leads to desperation. Can you ever make good choices when you’re desperate? Well, not when you’re trying to get to Paradise by killing. Do you think Dean is making the right choice in what seems to be that he’ll be saying “yes” to Michael?
  • Why do you think Dean was able to stab the Whore and have it work? I think it’s because he decided in his mind (and his heart – shh) that he was going to say “yes”.