Cougar Town star Busy Phillips likes the Puppy Bowl.

I think the Superbowl is splendidly dumb. I spent that time watching some Hotel Babylon on Netflix, and the newest 2010 John Mayer: Storytellers show on But, sometimes people have interesting things to say about the Superbowl. Armed with a magnifying glass and a tweed cape (just like all detectives, duh) I looked upon Twitter to see what some of our “friends” (celebrities who will be getting restraining orders on us all one of these days) were saying about the football frenzy.

The fleur de lis that’s on their pants RT @jaymzdj: @rosemcgowan I like your style. What’s the best thing about the Saints outfits?

Loved that Dodge Charger ad. “I will separate the recycling.” “I will watch your vampire show.” Genius. Like they read my husband’s mind.

This half-time show really makes me want to watch CSI.


Okay, seriously for a moment: it’s really cool that CBS is running promos for #bigbangtheory. Network support like that is awesome.


Really excited for the Saints and the Super Bowl but even MORE excited for the Puppy Bowl! The terriers are going to take it this year!


Enjoy the Super Bowl. Go Lakers!


Making homemade jalapeno poppers today. The task requires peanut oil and rubber exam gloves. Feel like I’m reliving my sordid twenties.


Onside kicks are the coolest

Celebs not mentioned can go form a support group for not being cool enough for me to list them on my twitter feed. 😛