At least the term, “Draculawyer” is seasonally appropriate…

super fun night

Super Fun Night.

As you probably can guess, we weren’t thrilled with Super Fun Night. (Which is nuts, because we love Rebel Wilson.) But we caught a few quotes were’t aren’t awful…

Super Fun Night Quotes

Mouthguard in, Kimmie out. – Kimmie

Who put “singing at a piano bar” in twice? – Kimmie

You just got lawyered – Marika

Draculawyer, mean bitch lady… – Richard

We should probably go and investigate the jelly doughnut situation. – Richard


Cute shoes, btw. What are they? – Kendall
Orthopedics. – Kimmie
Well, you really make them work. – Kendall

That’s right, insecurity. You have no home here. – Kimmie

What are you afraid of? – Kimmie
Failure. Success. – Richard

Let me e-mail you the address, and a phone of me from 5 years ago from when I was at my physical peak. – Kimmie

The only trophy I’ve ever when was for that “guess the weight of your own boobs” thing. – Kimmie

I just ordered four consolation pizzas. they’re on their way. – Kimmie

That drunk little Asian is right. – Marika