Inside you’ll find a link to watch every great Superbowl 2012 commercial, along with the ranked order of which commercials were the most popular. This way, you can see if your taste lines up with what everyone else was thinkin’.


Children of the 80’s proved to be a successful demographic when marketing ideas for commercials, as Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and Star Wars both shaped the two most popular commercials from yesterday. Hondo came out strong with “Matthew’s Day Off” and Volkswagen also did well with “The Bark Side” and “The Dog Strikes Back.” But which one was crowned the king?

Hulu’s AdZone 2012 took votes, and while “Matthew’s Day Off” was the most watched, “The Bark Side” was the most beloved commercial that ran during the Superbowl.

Hulu teamed up with Ad Age and Toyota to “build the ultimate Super Bowl commercial experience.” Basically, you can watch them all for free, even if you didn’t bother to see them during the actual Super Bowl.

Overall Most Liked Ads

1. Volkswagen: The Bark Side Teaser

2. Honda: Matthew’s Day Off – Extended

3. Volkswagen: The Dog Strikes Back

4. Skechers: GOrun Mr. Quiggly

5. Dannon Oikos: The Tease

6. Chevrolet: 2012

7. M&M’s: It’s That Kind of Party

8. Audi: Vampire Party

9. E*Trade: Fatherhood

10. Acura: Transactions – Extended

Did you laugh or cringe?

Funniest Ads

1. Acura: Transactions

2. Hulu Plus: Hulubratory

3. Chevrolet: Happy Grad

4. Honda: Matthew’s Day Off

5. Chevrolet: 2012

Because this was on Hulu, we have reason to believe people were skewed in voting and that’s why Will Arnett took first place in celebrity cameos over not just Matthew Broderick but also Jeremy Seinfeld, Adriana Lima and David Beckham.

Best Celebrity Cameo

1. Will Arnett – Hulu Plus: Huluboratory Extra Mushy Edition

2. Matthew Broderick – Honda: Matthew’s Day Off Extended

3. Jerry Seinfeld – Acura: Transactions

4. Adriana Lima – Kia: Optima

5. David Beckham – H&M: David Beckham Bodywear

Animals make people happy.

Cutest Critters

1. Bud Light: Rescue Dog

2. Volkswagen: The Dog Strikes Back

3. Doritos: Man’s Best Friend

4. Volkswagen: The Bark Side Teaser

5. Business Trip

If you thought you saw a lot of commercials with babies, you’re correct.

Cutest Kids

1. Toyota: It’s Reinvented

2. E*Trade: Fatherhood

3. Doritos: Sling Baby

4. TaxACT: Free to Pee

Did you hope to iTunes?

Best Soundtracks

1. Chevrolet: Anthem

2. M&M’s: It’s That Kind of Party

3. Bud Light: LMFAO Half-Time

4. H&M: David Beckham Bodywear

5. Budweiser: Eternal Optimism

Everyone’s thinking ’bout the past.

Nostalgic Ads

1. NFL: Timeline

2. Budweiser: Eternal Optimism

3. MetLife: Everyone

4. Toyota: Connections

5. Honda: Matthew’s Day Off

Votes were counted as of 11:00 pm PT Sunday, Feb. 5 / 2:00 am ET Monday, Feb. 6.