Oh, USA Network. You bring me so much joy. Your shows of bromances and strong women are always easy to watch and quality entertainment. Which is why I’m happy to report January marks the return of three of those shows. White Collar, Necessary Roughness, and Suits.


Probably my favorite, Suits, is back next week. Harvey, Mike and the rest of the gang at Pearson Hardman have a lot going on. And I’m here to tell you some of what’s to come.

Having previewed the first two episodes of the season, I can say I am VERY excited about where the second half of season 2 is going. This show is continuing down the same path of snark and drama that I so enjoy.

So, here are a few very minor spoilers of things you can look forward to seeing when the show returns on Thursday, January 17.

1.Girl power!  Jessica (Gina Torres) remains amazing, even when saying nothing. There is a moment where Mike (Patrick J. Adams) walks into a room where she is and, without saying a word, she scares the crap out of him. Because Jessica is that badass. And on the same note, Donna (Sarah Rafferty) remains the best person in everyone’s life providing the best advice always.

2. Louis (Rick Hoffman) is on a roller coaster. Metaphorically, of course. He doesn’t head down to Coney Island in an episode or anything. After backing Hardman (David Costabile) and then turning on him, the gang at the firm isn’t exactly on his side. But he does have returning guest star, Rachel Harris, as Sheila, the female Louis.

3. Someone gets fired. (Dun dun dunnnnn)

4. We see a new side to Harvey. Zoe (Macht’s wife, Jacinda Barrett) is back and her return leads to some swoon-worthy moments for Harvey where we see him in a completely new light.

5. The bromance remains, despite Mike’s downward spiral. The mid-season finale was rough as Mike continually messed up and there are definite repercussions to all his actions (especially with Rachel (Meghan Markle) and their relationship). It all even causes a bit of rift between Harvey and Mike. But there is a moment between them in the second episode back, that makes it clear that no matter the issues they are having, this bromance will remain strong.

And, a bonus moment – someone offers someone else a tissue in a way that made me laugh really hard. I leave that as a bonus because it may have just been me, but I just loved that scene.

I hope you are all as excited as I am for Suits to return to USA Network. Be sure to catch it Thursday, January 17 at 10pm! And if you need to catch up, all of the first 22 episodes are available online at USAnetwork.com

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