Season One of Suits was pretty good. But, boy howdy, Season Two has been on fire. I’m in love with it. So much so that I’m going to cry because I’ve seen the finale and now I have to wait forever until I get some more. (I don’t believe it’s been officially renewed, but come on… it will be, right? RIGHT?) In order to help ease my pain, I’m going to share a few tidbits you have to look forward to during the finale…

No spoilers, promise. But if you haven’t watched last week’s episode yet, there will be spoilers about that, so beware.

The season has been quite the emotional roller coaster, no? Rachel (Meghan Markle) and Mike (Patrick J. Adams) making out! Then breaking up! Donna (Sarah Rafferty) is awesome, then she is fired, then she is rehired by Harvey (Gabriel Macht) and is somehow even more awesome. And then the real kick to the gut. The moment where I start to wonder if creator Aaron Korsh is just out to destroy me… they killed Mike’s grandmother. How dare they! I’m devastated.

But not as devastated as Mike, and that is a major jumping off point of the finale. It leads to quite a few major moments in the hour…

The good – some serious male bonding time between Mike and Harvey. Like complete non-lawyer speak, hanging out in Mike’s apartment bonding time. It’s possibly one of my favorite moments of the season because it highlights what this show often seems to miss – these two guys like each other a lot, in a non-office setting. Their bromance is epic, and that epicness is sealed when Harvey let’s Mike in on a secret…

Their bonding also leads to some lawyer shenanigans. I love when these two work well together. They make the best team and seeing it in action is kind of perfection.

But Mike’s mourning, of course, has some negative impacts as well. He spirals in the wake of his Gran’s death and there are going to be some major repercussions in his life come season 3 because of it.

One thing that won’t be changing – Donna’s perfection. That chic is amazing and one of the great moments you have to look forward to in the finale is an intense scene between our favorite red head this side of Joan on Mad Men and Louis (Rick Hoffman). It’s quiet and beautiful and frustrating. And it continues to highlight the most underrated member of the cast – Hoffman has been perfection in each episode making the audience continually fall in and out of love with him. It doesn’t stop with this episode.

As for Louis, we also see the fallout from his alliance with Daniel Hardman (David Costabile). All the questions about who is in charge – Jessica (Gina Torres) or Daniel – are answered. Or are they? What? I can end with a cliffhanger too!

The point is, that this episode left me with a lot of feeeeelings. I’m just looking forward to all of you watching tomorrow (Thursday) night at 10pm on USA Network so we can discuss them right here in the comment section.

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