Let’s get to know the newest Gleek on the Block. Sugar Motta like those annoying people who audition for American Idol and refuse to believe they aren’t the next Beyonce.

Vanessa Lengies plays Sugar Motta on Glee season 3. In the premiere episode, we learned that she can’t hold a tune anymore than I can hold onto my neighbors feral cat. (The claws, the claws!) But she’s got the attitude of a star, or a diva, or … you know Rachel Berry (Lea Michele) right? She’s kind of like her, but without the talent to back it up.

Sugar Motta is super wealthy. Her father donated all the purple pianos to the school in the premiere. She thinks she’s crazy talented, and has self-diagnosed aspergers, which she claims let her say anything she wants. When Lengies talked to Entertainment Weekly about the character, she said that as of the season 3 premiere they haven’t decided if Sugar really has Aspergers or not. But she is supposed to be “the new bitch” around. So, get ready for some attitude!

Glee Season 3 Spoilers: I’m sure you’ve heard this already. But! In Glee season 4 Sugar Motta and Shelby Corcan (Idina Menzel) will share a big scene together.

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Picture Credit: Adam Rose/Fox