We really can’t let the finale of Suburgatory season 2 pass by without celebrating it.


…lesbian boots, tiny hats, and Nicki Minaj songs! There’s plenty to discuss.

The best parts of Suburgatory “Apocalypse Meow”

  1. Redheads in particular can be skittish. – Dallas
  2. The Gurt Locker is where they eat their yogurt. Nice.
  3. Lisa: “You wanna make out?” Tessa: “Ehh..gum.”
  4. “Would you guys be interested in hearing someone meow Vanessa Williams’ “Save the Best for Last?” – Lisa
  5. “Namastae for a second!” – Noah
  6. “She’s glossing, can we get tighter on this gloss?” – Tessa
  7. Lisa’s idea about the noted republic revenge.
  8. “Your lesbian boots.” – Lisa
  9. “Sorry I started wearing ballet flats and Chuck Taylors. I’m sorry I forgot about us.” – Tessa
  10. “I’m the one who’s coming back.” – Tessa “Yea you is.” – Lisa
  11. “Let me just silence this sext from Carmen.”
  12. “You just cried down my throat!”
  13. Tessa VS Dahlia – Kill Bill style.
  14. Dahlia’s eyepatch was bedazzled. As was her neck brace.
  15. “I want that tiny hat.” “Sweetheart, give her the tiny hat.”
  16. “Being a Father isn’t a title you hold… it’s an active job.”
  17. “No female role model has the last name “Minaj.” – Sheila
  18. Sheila’s Purity Pink Dress
  19. Toxic acoustic cover on Suburgatory – who sang this?!
  20. “You learned to love me. But it’s not the same thing as being in love with me.” – Dahlia “You know what, you’re the one that doesn’t love you. That’s why you have sabotaged this at every turn. I have jumped through every freaking hoop. And you keep moving the hoop. I’m never going to convince you am I?” – George (So heartbreaking. I love that such an honest, serious moment came through here. I have no idea how Dallas did it, stayed strong and didn’t give in. She must really hate herself to push George away like this. His response was so emotionally honest… it was an amazing moment of TV. Bravo to Jeremy Sisto and Cheryl Hines for playing this scene so well.)
  21. “You better not be a girl.” – George, to the dog
  22. That rustic/sparkly chandelier that represented Dallas and George was actually very pretty. I’d love it in my house.
  23. Ryan manned up and went after Tessa. The kiss was hot. Don’t pretend it wasn’t.
  24. Malin Akerman! “For someone who was never around, she showed up at just the right time.”
  25. This finale was much stronger than the season 1 finale. I like the tension we were left with between the characters at the end. They’re interwoven in such a fantastic way.
  26. “What’s your probz?” – Dahlia, to the dog
  27. Jeremy Sisto singing. “Last night I had a pleasant nightmare.”


Suburgatory Season 2 Finale 2013 “Apocalypse Meow” and “Stray Dogs.” The former was written by Annie Weisman and the later was directed and written by the series creator Emily Kapnek.

“Suburgatory” stars Jeremy Sisto as George Altman, Jane Levy as Tessa Altman, Carly Chaikin as Dalia Royce, Rex Lee as Mr. Wolfe, Allie Grant as Lisa Shay, Alan Tudyk as Noah Werner, Chris Parnell as Fred Shay, Ana Gasteyer as Sheila Shay and Cheryl Hines as Dallas Royce. Series created by Emily Kapnek.