On Suburgatory, George Altman has been determined not to join any crazy clubs like the one he just left.

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The new Suburgatory opening is animated.

But it didn’t take much more than a quick swig of a special juice blend to covert him as he went to hang out with his bro, Fred Shay.

Suddenly, George Altman was all-in for the pressed juice craze that’s sweeping a lot of the big cities.

I totally looked for a specific juice recipe for kabocha squash and almond milk, thinking there might even be a smoothie option. In fact, I did see some smoothie options with canned pumpkin. However, even I can do this math…press some of the squash juice and mix with almond milk and you’ll be, Suburgatory poster season 2 set to become a juicing king or queen.

If you try making this (and you so have to!) then let us know how it was by leaving a comment with tips/suggestions.

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Maybe Dallas and George could have reconciled if they’d have this pressed juice on hand to cheer them up. Photo by ABC.